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Divine Souls - Embodiment

=Staff's pick

As Life and Death Collide*
Erase the Burden
Serenity of A Departed Soul
In The Absence of Life

Genre Death Metal
Mattias Lilja
Tracks 8
Mikael Lindgren
Runningtime 36 Min.
Stefan Högberg
Label Scarlet Records
Daniel Lindgren
Release 14 July 2001
Daniel Sjölund
Country Sweden
Similar artists In Flames, Soilwork

In Flames huge - and ongoing - success in the beginning of the 90's brought many bands to take on the more melodic, folkoriented, yet brutal approach.

I have heard all too many clones of established, good bands during my time that I just consider beeing a waste of time for an hour or so, when you could have seen a Simpsonepisode on tv or something.

Divine Souls aren't a clone.
Altough it's obvious that In Flames has been their biggest source of inspiration, and that they are still working very close to the realms of I. F., they manage to keep their own profile throughout the album.
While I.F have a more dark, brutal sound nowadays, Divine Souls feel pretty much more soft and melodic compared to their mentors - where I.F nowadays seem concentrate on riffing and groove, Divine Souls deliever us quite a few brilliant harmonylicks and harmonies - especially on the opener Perished and the following As Life and Death Collide - where the latter is a real killer.

The singer is very skilled, and he's singing in a few groups on the side, in normal pitched, non-growling vocals, which proves that he master most singingstyles there are with the honours - from R.E.M to Bolt Thrower - and he doesn't put as much emphasis on the power and depth in his vocals as In Flames - even though he has the capability.

Divine Souls put much more focus on the melodies, where guitarist Lindgren and Högberg are very well synchronised through the many licks, bridges and hooks we are beeing served here.
The production is very acceptable, even though the cd is based on songs from the latest ones of their 5 earlier demorecordings which weren't done much about before going for sale in this shape.

This could mainly be explained by the fact that the cd is their first for a small recordcompany, and that also explains a little why the record is kind of short - it clocks in at 36 minutes, but there will certainly be a change in both those areas later this summer, when Divine Souls release their second album.

Reliable sources state that the songs are said to be very much stronger than on the next release, and besides that they are going to record it in Soundcreation Studios where bands such as Lefay and Tad Morose has recorded some of their albums, which surely can mean a terrific sound on the record.

I for one is very much looking forward to their next release - and I advice you all to do the same!
I am a bit biassed in this issue, since I am acquainted with the members of the group, but I can honestly say that Divine Souls has the potential to be a big name in this genre.......






7 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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