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Agregator - Edeneast

=Staff's pick

Painting The Chaos*
Without Colours*
The Apostate
High Water Mark

Genre Death Metal
Miklós Tóth/Tamás Mikus
Tracks 8
Tamás Mikus
Runningtime 34 Min.
László Seller
Label Demo
Roland Liviczki
Release 2001
Péter Boros
Country Hungary
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This is something as unusual as a good band from Hungary - not that I claim that that couldn't exist, it's just that we're not exactly spoiled with that.
These guys describe their music as doom/death metal themselves, but if you ask me this is more death metal with a great deal of power metal guitars to it.
The doom part in this I have to say I fail to discover.

Agregator has previosly released 2 demos - Puszta Lét in 2000 and Túlontúl in 2001, and both than contained half hungarian/half english lyrics, and in this dmo they have recorded a mixture of the english versions of the songs to an half hour of good deathmetal.

I have a hard time to rightfully compare this to any existing band in the same genre, since this has quite a bit of originality to it, but we don't get much surprises here. these guys play metal after the schoolbook of how to make a good debutalbum in death metal, but it is nevertheless good.

The quality of the material on this demo is a bit unequal, as the 4 first songs - as I understand it taken from the second demo - contain brilliant leadguitars, melodies, vocals and are catchy jewels in the metalscene from eastern europe, but the rest - taken from the first demo - doesn't quite keep up the quality as we would have wanted it .

Tthe vocals are very good, and they really are a big part of making the soundpicture in this. Good, clear and powerful growling of high quality, which is being accompanied by deathmetal riffs with a lot of powermetal-catchy riffs and melodies to it.
There are alos room for moody and atmospheric parts with clean vocals and narrateed parts to a background of keyboards and auqustica.
The opener Demise for example is a perfect example of he fact that this band has potential to compose catchy songs with melodylines that sticks in your head.

The titletrack, for example, has a really catchy driven mainriff that could fit in any of today's most wellestablished bands repertoar.

With a bit work on a more characteristic touch, and a personal sound, on the songs this could be really good in the future. they apperantly have the musical vision, the vocals and the melodies - I just hope they get an honest chance to develop this.
I know about bands that have good contracts nowadays that started off doing music not much more complicated than this.

Go check these guys work out on their website or visit their mp3-page at iuma.com. Addresses below.






7,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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