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Chrome Division - Doomsday Rock 'n Roll

=Staff's pick

Doomsday Overture
Serial Killer*
Trouble With The Law
Chrome Division*
Here Comes Another One
1st Regiment
Breath Easy*
The Angel Falls
Till The Break of Dawn
We Want More
When The Shit Hits The Fan

Genre Heavy Metal 'n' Roll
Eddie Guz
Tracks 12
Runningtime 46 Min.
Ricky Black
Label Nuclear Blast
Björn Luna
Release 21 July 2006
Tony White
Country Norways
Similar artists Motörhead, Danko Jones, Turbonegro, BLS

No, despite the fact that Chrome Division features Dimmu Borgir vocalist Shagrath this is no way near black metal. And no, this does not mean the end of Dimmu Borgir either. Chrome Division is a band on the side of Dimmu Borgir where Shagrath can live out his passion for rock'n'roll along with other fellow Norwegians. Their moniker is; booze, broads and Belzebub and the music is pretty high-octane and head-on without any compromises.

The title of the album says it all, Doomsday Rock 'N Roll, couldn't put a better name on this type of music myself. Imagine a foundation build on a steady Motörhead ground, raise the walls with Danko Jones intensity and riffing, and put on a roof with a Turbonegro sense for melodies. Decorate the interior with eighties guitar leads and harmonies in Priest and Maiden manor and add to that some of Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society. Then you better get out of the way cuz here comes Chrome Division to ram it all down.

That this is head on and with no fuzz becomes obvious with the opening track Serial Killer that hits you in your face with its metal spiced rock'n'roll. What strikes you are that this is well done, there is a raw and unpolished attitude yet the sound is perfectly clear, and combined with the harsh voice from Eddie Guz that perfectly suits the music this becomes a very powerful album. Other tracks worthy of mentioning is their anthem Chrome Division with a catchy rock'n'roll groove as well as Breath Easy which is the perfect example of metal spiced rock'n'roll. Although it is hard to pick out any tracks that stick out since this album is a solid and homogenous effort.

What I miss in Chrome Division is something that puts their own brand on it, like for example with Black Label Society you have Zakk Wylde's signature guitar-playing. Nevertheless I really enjoy the way that they add metal to the heavy rock'n'roll. And as always, I do believe that Chrome Division would come out much better live as this type of metal is usually better in a live environment.

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7 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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