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Doomfoxx - Doomfoxx

=Staff's pick

Pure Platinum
Piece of Me
Look Ma No Hands*
Boyfriends Outta Town
My Beautiful Friend
Schoolboy Adonis
Ginger Rose*
Sweetheart of The Troops
Abandon All Hope*
Girls Like You
Rock'n'Roll Show

Genre Rock'n'Roll
Stuart McKie
Tracks 12
Dave Thomas
Runningtime 45 Min.
Mick Cocks
Label Armageddon Music
Release 17 Oct. 2005
Jase Burec
Country Australia
Similar artists D.A.D, Rolling Stones

Rock'n'roll tunes from down under... Australia's hard rocking Doomfoxx are ready to unleash their debut full length on German label Armageddon Music. Doomfoxx sound indeed very Australian in some way. Its not that they remind you of their more famous countrymen in AC/DC, its something with the intensity they unleash with their kind of rock'n'roll. Intense and dark.

Doomfoxx sound like a well-planned doze with equal parts from the early days of D.A.D, Rolling Stones and Social Distortion but with even more serious aspects of life. At a first look at this album, my first impression is that this must be another party band like Backyard Babies or Turbonegro. But hell no, Doomfoxx would certainly do well at the party but it feels like they have a dark story to tell. Just listen to the great Ginger Rose. Clean and stripped rock is what Doomfoxx is all about. There are no silly clichés about the glamorous life of rock'n'roll on this album, its more like cold hard facts told by someone who really knows. Well, this is only what I assume when I listen to Doomfoxx. But I must say that the music sounds serious and in a way very grown up. Like I mentioned, Ginger Rose are one hell of a good song. The same goes for songs like Drugs, Abandon All Hope and the intense Look Ma No Hands.

It's obvious that the dudes in Doomfoxx know their history of rock. Everything is played with utter feeling and devotion for the music. I must also mention the cool and whiskey drowned vocals that Stuart McKie uses and he does it real well. The thing that bothers me is that the quality of the songs isn't the same over the all album. Some songs are really strong and good ones, some are just average. But after all I must sum this album as a good one filled with the right kind of rock, so to speak. Good sound and production. Recommended for all of you who wants something more out of rock'n'roll than just empty words and clichés concerning sleazy women and booze.






7 chalices of 10 - Tim

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