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Holy Moses - Disorder Of The Order

=Staff's pick

We Are At War
Disorder Of The Order*
Break The Evil
Hell On Earth
I Bleed
Blood Bond
1.000 Lies*
Princess Of Hell
Heaven Vs. Hell*

Genre Thrash Metal
Sabina Classen
Tracks 12
Joern Schubert
Runningtime 41 Min.
Franky Brotz
Label Century Media
Andreas Libera
Release 24 June 2002
Julien Schmidt
Country Germany
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No, no, no, no, Holy Moses. This is no good. Eight years since their last fullength album No Matter What's The Cause, this Hamburg-based band are making a comeback and are trying to prove to us that they still are worthy a place high up the ranks of old school bands from the 80's. But I am afraid that this is way to weak to be considered a good work from this band.

Sure - the sharp thrashriffs are here, and the Female Vocals From Hell from the lovely Sabina Classen are good, but this is extremely boring and doesn't contain any structur and a main idea of what this album stands for is almost non-existing. The riffs sound pretty energy-less and uninspired, and the progressive elements in this just make my head ache and beg for something smoother and more melodic.

Holy Moses has never really made themselves known for a band that play a music that is easy to take to you, but the classic albums like Finished With The Dogs and Terminal Terror at least had a certain fresh and interesting feeling over them that this album lack.

The songs worth mentioning more than other are often in midtempo on this album, such as the titletrack Disorder Of The Order and the groovy I bleed, as they are the ones that show that there are a certain degree of musicality lying latent beneath the surface of this. At the end the album gets better with songs such as Verfolgungswahn and the 1:51 minute short Heaven Vs. Hell, where we get elegant riffing, decent refrains and overall the most melodic compositions on this album.

I must give full credit to miss Sabina Classen's vocal performances, though. I don't know what these german gals eat for breakfast, but just like her fellow singeress Angela Gossow in Arch Enemy, Sabina is one of the most brutal female metalvocalists - ever! Even though I have to say that Angela possesses a slightly more powerful voice than Sabina.

Try to avoid this, as this is a good example of a tired band that tries to ride of the waves of their highlightmoments of the past, but instead it turns into something quite emberrasing. Princess Of Hell, for eample, are one of the absolute worst songs I have heard in my life - far from their former capacity.

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3,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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