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This Haven- Disexist

=Staff's pick

The Fallen*

Genre Stoner
Patrik Karlsson
Tracks 3
Patrik Karlsson
Runningtime 15 Min.
Tobias Jacobsson
Label ---
Johan Berglund
Release March 2004
Nicklas Keijser
Country Sweden
Similar artists Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool, Muse

This Haven hails from the Swedish town Örebro and has been getting help from famous producer Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity) with the production. Already there you have a great platform to start from. And as it turns out the production is perfect, it just might as well be the best I've heard on a demo. But This Haven has more than just a professional sound quality to go with their demo Disexist, they also what's more important got great songs as well.

This Haven mixes the grinding guitars from Stoner-rock, but perhaps not as heavy and as fuzzy with the sound but still with a fine groove to go with it. But what breaks the monotony is the Tool like vibes and slower progressive parts where to music just seems to float on by and you get completely carried away with the great ambience. Further on you got the melancholy and swirling guitar-lines similar to the sound of Muse. This is the type of music that grows on you, just like with Tool it needs a couple of listenings before it sticks, but then it wont leave you.

The third and last track is called The Fallen and it is here everything falls in exactly the right places. It starts with swirling guitars right in the vein of Muse and continues with a Tool kind of vibe where the music grinds its way through. It's easy to draw comparisons to the more melodic and softer side of Queens Of The Stone Age, not least when Patrik Karlsson manages to sing at his best on this track and with the same kind of great emotion and presence as Josh Homme.

If This Haven keeps on going in the same great way they have started with this demo they might be the next big thing to come out of Sweden. The song writing skills are there but what needs a bit of more work is with the vocals. It works but needs a bit of improvement. The voice from Patrik Karlsson comes out a bit weak and powerless, although it sounds more alive and way much better with the last track, more of that stuff and it wont be something that stands in the way. This three track demo certainly awakes your appetite for more songs from This Haven.

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8 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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