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Burialmound - Devil's Work

=Staff's pick

Holders Of Power
At Golgotha I Masturbate*
From Promised Land (Reeks Shit)
Primevil Disciple
Sisters Of Sodomy
Vision Of Darkness, Hate And Destruction
Legion (Intro)
Black Death
Black Goat Of The Woods
Dust Of Necropolis
Funeral Night And The Immortal Evil
Hellbounded Infernal Ones
Beast Among Us
Hunger Crawls Under Surface

Genre Death Metal
Tracks 19
A. Sääksinemi
Runningtime 77 Min.
B. Niininen
Label Sound Riot Records
B. Niininen
Release 21 Oct. 2005
B. Niininen
Country Finland
Similar artists Incantation

Born into this world as Utgard, with the focus fixed on primitive black metal around 1994, Utgard started to draw their extreme thoughts and visions more to death metal in 1998. This resulted in the name change to Burialmound. After some years of silence from these finnish metallers the premiere work entitled Black Death was released in 2001 by the portuguese label Sound Riot. Its once again time to gaze upon these twisted souls of quite primitive old school black/death Metal as their second full length, Devils Work is released, once again by Sound Riot.

Devils Work contains nineteen songs of death metal form the old era. Incantation is a band that can be named as references to Burialmounds music. As said, nineteen songs of pure madness. Well, actually Devil's Work holds nine new songs and the ones from teh tenth to the nineteenth one are bonus tracks in form of the debut album Black Death. Why you decide to release an album again within just five years I don't have a clue about and I don't care as Devil's Work is quite enough for me to handle. I don't know, but when I listen to Devil's Work I hear; quite bad composing, half boring vocals and music not always played at hundred percent, so to speak. Burialmound have put together a quite mediocre story, it lacks both aggression, speed and good riffings.

There are however some moments that are really ok, for example Todenslut. A darkened epos with loads of evil vibes and output but this feels more like a bastard among the righteous as this is perhaps the only thing to be excited about. Mid tempo with very little arrangement and variety and quite bad production, I think. Sometimes or often I think its ok or even great with a dusty and old production on a record but this one hasn't much right. To bad as the intentions that can be heard, but I won't remember Devil's Work as an especially great work.






4 chalices of 10 - Tim

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