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Device - Device

Published April 08 2013

=Staff's pick

You Think You Know*
Close My Eyes Forever
Out Of Line
War Of Lies*
Through It All

Genre Industrial/Heavy Metal
David Draiman
Tracks 10
Geno Lenardo
Running time 40 Min.
Label Warner Bros Records
Release 10 April 2013
Country USA
Producer David Draiman, Geno Lenardo
Similar artists Disturbed

With Disturbed being on hiatus, vocalist David Draiman has teamed up with former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo. With Draiman's distinct voice, it comes as no surprise that a good chunk of this release have heavy influences of his main band. The actual music itself differs a bit with a more industrial approach, but the vocal melodies are highly resemblant to his past work, although with fewer ka-ka-ka-kaas etc. The production is also recognizable and sounds somewhat like the two latest albums.

You Think You Know and Penance sounds like songs who were not yet completed for the release of Asylum and this album's first single, Vilify, have strong similarities with songs from The Sickness. All three songs don't give you that immediate fuck yeah experience, but they grow stronger within a few spins. I hate to say it, as I was hoping this album in total would differ more from his main band, but these songs are what Draiman do best.

Close My Eyes Forever. A cover version of Ozzy Osbourne's and Lita Ford's eighties ballad, now with Draiman and Lzzy Hale. What the fuck! Wasn't this song a chick magnet in its prime? Disco drums in all honor, but a blurry production overflows all good and the ladies won't fall in love listening to this version, I tell you that.

Out Of Line is an industrial track, featuring guest appearances by Serj Tankian on vocals and bassplayer Geezer Butler, which leaves me without any noticeable impressions. Hunted is another track in the same style and without its chorus, that too gets a similar verdict. Back to Disturbed again, yet with a more mechanical sound featured in Opinion, with Tom Morello on guitar, and in War Of Lies. Both two rather good songs to my ears.

An industrial metal verse and a Disturbed chorus is what track number nine, Haze, offers. Vocalist M Shadows is making an appearance on this not that overwhelming duet. Mechanical metal meets Type O Negative and eighties pop in Through It All and this track is yet another duet, now featuring Glenn Hughes on vocals. A rather estranged side of metal, but somehow I dig this song.

It's pretty safe to say that this release is something that will attract Disturbed fans. It's a somewhat good album, although it doesn't reach the high standards of his past work. I'm well aware of that there are loads of comparisons mentioned above, but it's only with the best intentions, so that you as a reader will get a good view what this record is about. 6 chalices and pretty much what I expected.








6 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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