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Deathchain - Deathrash Assault

=Staff's pick

Return Of The Nemesis
Venom Preacher*
Lepra Lord*
Graveyard Witchery*
Deathrash Legions
Napalm Satan*
Panzer Holocaust
Morbid Mayhem*
Valley of The Corpses

Genre Death/Thrash Metal
Tracks 9
Runningtime 39 Min.
Bobby Undertaker
Label Dynamic Art Records
Release 31 Oct. 2005
Country Finland
Similar artists Black Dahlia Murder, Defleshed, Terror 2000

Since their debut Deadmeat Disciples was released in 2003, things have really started to move for the Finnish thrash assault Deatchain. Participations on Finland's biggest festivals, Tuska Open Air and Sauna Open Air as well as a European tour together with Testament and Malevolent Creation. After this tour the band started working on material to their second release, namely Deathrash Assault. An album that they will promote together with fine acts like Destruction and Candlemass on a tour that will include fourteen European countries.

Well, will there be any reasons for watching out if this band strikes your town this winter? I would say that it truly is, if you are into really malicious death/thrash metal. Deatchain isn't exactly formed and shaped in the melody school. Deathchain perform high energetic and violent thrash with the heritage well preserved from elder acts like Kreator and early Sodom mixed with a modern light version of death metal. Deathrash Assault holds a very high tempo, classical thrash structure of the songs with some nice arrangements that stitches out here and there like on Venom Preacher with its cool drum blast in the end. Good vocals from mr. Rotten, aggressive and a bit darker than average for this genre. Overall it's very forward and rapid but there are also some slower well composed parts that can be find on the third song Lepra Lord.

The individual skills deserve to be mentioned too, since some guitar solos and even the rhythm sections are extremely well done from a technical point of view without forgetting the feeling or the very soul of the music. Deatchain know how to combine the violent sound structure with a real dose of soul which results in a own identity. An important ingredient not least in this genre were there are more bands struggling for success than people speaking mandarin in this world... Songs that Rotten, Corpse and the other members of Deatchain have managed to compose really well for this one are Venom Preacher, Lepra Lord, Graveyard Witchery, Morbid Mayhem and Napalm Satan. Its not only the song titles that hold class on Deathrash Assault. The same goes with the music. Deathrash Legions have been launched upon us...






8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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