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Impaled - Death After Life

=Staff's pick

Mondo Medicale*
Theatre of Operations
Preservation of Death
Wrought in Hell*
Critical Condition
The Dead Shall Dead Remain*
Medical Waste
Dead Alive*
Coda Morte

Genre Death Metal
Sean McGrath
Tracks 12
Sean McGrath
Runningtime 42 Min.
Jason Kocol
Label Century Media
Ross Sewage
Release 21 Feb. 2005
Raul Varela
Country USA
Similar artists Carcass

American band Impaled's gore infected death metal is about to strike the world with their third full-length album. This one, Death After Life, is the bands first appearance for the Century Media label. What to expect from this blood soaked band that seems to have spent their childhood in the abattoir? Well, corpses, autopsy's and surgery's without ending is the main theme according to the lyrics. Something that for me is an interesting subject for about two minutes. Luckily Impaled are much more than lyrics and words. Between all the blood, bone saws and corpses they perform really interesting music.

The parallels to legendary masters of gore Carcass are never far away, and then both early and the later days of the band. An album like Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious doesn't sound to far away. Its obvious that Carcass have been a flowing inspiration source for Impaled, but they also possess a very own style that also is very clear, so we are not talking about any copycats here. I would rather say that Impaled has developed the music to even more serious heaviness and groove. Add some really great guitar works both in rhythm and lead, and drums that don't stagnate in grind or blast. Melodies vs. aggression in perfect harmony. Genius song building that lets the music update itself constantly. The vocals of Sean McGrath are also worth mentioning. Powerful and screaming without being to light.

Summary of the Death After Life, is that it's a very diverse album that seldom or in fact never gets boring or predictable. Good production and some, if I'm allowed, really funny and well-planned samples that show the problematic surgical procedures that our hard working hospital and morgue staff are confronted by daily…take the Theatre Of Operations for example. A great album.






9 chalices of 10 - Tim

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