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Deadsoul Tribe - Deadsoul Tribe

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Comin' Down
Anybody There?*
The Haunted*
The Drowning Machine
Under the Weigth of My Stone*
One Bullet*
Cry For Tomorrow
Into the Spiral Cathedral*

Genre Progressive Metal
Devon Graves
Tracks 10
Devon Graves
Runningtime 45 Min.
Volker Wilschko
Label InsideOut
Roland Ivenz
Release 25 Feb. 2002
Adel Moustafa
Country USA
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The former singer of the US metalband Psychotic Waltz, Devon Graves, is back with a new band called Dead Soul Tribe, which main purpose according to Devon himself is to realize his ideas as a songwriter, singer and an instrumentalist more definitly and purely than ever before. People that fancy the work of Psychotic Waltz might like this to, but probably not for the same reasons.

This is still heavy, but the harmonies, the chords darker and more atmospheric. He thinks himself that the sound is more deeper and more homogeneous than ever in P.W. "I didn't allow any compromises whatsoever" he says about this album. What we get here is experimental and heavy music combined in a good symbios - but still with main focus on the progressive and adventurous paths.

The keyboard has no place here, and that helps to bring out more of the rock'n'roll feeling, and the more spacy elements that can be heard in progressive bands if they overdo the whole thing are almost non-existent, in favour of a bit more heavy riffing - it's not necessarily fast, but the album has some sort of pondus hanging over it from beginning to the end. The progessive elements in this aren't more experimental than anything we have heard before - instead perhaps a little less, in favour of more rock. I am sure for example Dream Theater fans will appreciate this, even though it has more of a "dirty" sound over it, and a little less of guitar solos.

Apart for the opening track Power Trip, which is a really heavy and groovy track, the main part of this album goes more in the midtempo style, but without really losing in strength - they offer us strong material that are keeping up the interest even in the most experimental and slowest parts. These are guys that really are artists with their instruments in their hands, and that puts a good mark on this record. This is very well arranged, played and very serious out to the fingertips. Dead Soul Tribe has already given a few concerts, for example at the Monster of Metal in Vienna, where the respone from the audience were reported to have been very positive.

I advice all fans of the progressive side of metal, as well as people more into straight metal, to check this out, cause these guys can play - and they do it good. One of the better progressive album I have heard in some time.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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