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Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See No Future

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Dead Eyes See No Future
Burning Angel (live)*
We Will Rise (live)*
Heart Of Darkness (live)
Symphony Of Destruction*
Kill With Power*
Incarnated Solvent Abuse
We Will Rise (videoclip)

Genre Death Metal
Angela Gossow
Tracks 7
Michael Amott
Runningtime 30 Min.
Christopher Amott
Label Century Media
Sharlee D'Angelo
Release 15 Nov. 2004
Daniel Erlandsson
Country Sweden
Similar artists Carcass

Arch Enemy here release an EP with one album track, some live and cover tracks, and no-one with an interest in death metal can hardly have missed this band by know. Swedish band with five albums done and on the latest two the vocals are being handled by German Angela Gossow, who growls with more balls than many of the men appearing in the genre. A mini album seldom raises my interest, but here the reason was to find out if they are able to catch the great live feel they produce on stage, and to present it well on an album, and they surely did.

The first track is from the latest album Anthems Of Rebellion, perhaps not the best and most obvious single track but still a track that can describe pretty good what Arch Enemy is about. And the live tracks that follow are just as good as I hoped they would be. Arch Enemy is one extraordinary great live act and I really think that comes through with these tracks displayed here. Burning Angel and the anthem We Will Rise manage to capture Arch Enemy on their best side, and even if Heart Of Darkness isn't hardly any of their best tracks, it contains some of those amazing lead and harmony parts from the Amott brothers. And those elements along with the great guttural growling voice and stage charisma from Angela is what separates this band from the ordinary.

The cover versions featured on this EP are also something that is worthwhile checking out as Megadeth, Manowar and Carcass are those that get covered. Arch Enemy has tastefully kept the original sound while adding some serious amount of heaviness and with a touch of their own sound on the first two tracks and they are not far from, if not even just as great as, the originals. Incarnated Solvent Abuse from legendary Carcass is from the time when Michael Amott was in the band and he is also co-writer of this track. Take a guess of you can spot similarities between these two bands.

This album is perhaps not much to run your legs off for, but if you like me can't wait for them to release their next studio album, this one surely helps to fill the void.

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7,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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