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Delian League - Day Of Question

=Staff's pick

The Questioning*
Final Day
Days Of Regret*

Genre Metal
Jude Andrade
Tracks 3
Richard Broadhead
Runningtime 16 Min.
David Hatfield
Label ---
Shane Boulos
Release 10 June 2003
Chris Kaminsky
Country USA
Similar artists ---

A very nice experience. Delian League from New York play music which I have a hard time categorize as anything else than just "metal" with hints of thrash and progressivness in it. My experiance from american metal has not been the best over the years and something in that special style makes me feel uncomfortable, but every once in a while I discover bands that are just my cup of tea.
Delian League is such band.

They show proof of a great deal of individuality and are not satisfied with sticking to one style of metal, but still without falling over the edge to the progressivness that I can't stand. It is metal, and nothing else. I like the riffs and the vocallines and they are in perfect harmony with each other and similarities in songstructures can be drawn to some of the swedish metal bands that they have listed as inspirations, such as In Flames, Arch Enemy and Soilwork except for that fact that this is based purely on clean vocals.

The vocals are great and lifts the whole picture, and reminds me of someone I for the love of my life can't put my finger on but certainly belongs to one the bigger names in the scene and sound. I guess that John Bush and early James Hetfield as stated on their website is close, but not really the whole truth. Especially in the beginning of Days Of Regret it shows that singer Andrade has a powerful voice and that he can go far. That goes for the rest of the musicians too as they all show that they can handle their strings and kegs.

They should have a good future ahead if they stick to what seem to have encouraged them so far: the love for good, melodic metal with a personal and interesting touch. Even though there are only 3 songs on this demo, I can listen to it a lot over and over without feeling that it's the same all the time. A very good sign.

Bands like this are needed in the metalscene and show that we can relax and feel confident that innovation and great melodies are still the keyword for up and coming musicians. I advice you all to visit their website, support them by spreading their name, download and listen to the demo and remember them when their debutalbum is being released.

They are worth it for delivering this good of a demo.

I hope I get to hear more from them soon. Worth mentioning is also that they will play as supporting act for Overkill in New York in late September 2003, so apperantly more people than me see the quality in this.






9 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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