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Mors Principium Est - Dawn Of The 5th Era

Published December 05 2014

=Staff's pick

Enter The Asylum
God Has Fallen*
Leader Of The Titans*
We Are The Sleep*
Innocence Lost
I Am War
Monster In Me
Wrath Of Indra
The Journey*
The Forsaken

Genre Melodic Death Metal
Ville Viljanen
Tracks 11
Andy Gillion
Running time 48 Min.
Kevin Verlay
Label AFM Records
Teemu Heinola
Release 02 December 2014
Mikko Sipola
Country Finland
Producer -
Similar artists ---

Mors Principium Est returns to the scene, almost exactly two years past the release date of its latest record, …And Death Said Live. Sometimes I actually kind of ask myself if melodic death metal really is the proper labeling to this effort and such likes, because I basically don't think that death metal, in the true sense of the words, is a really applicable label to this type of music, once the vocals are disregarded.

I could definitely see myself stand corrected at the end of the day, if someone would really lecture me with a truly persuasive speech, but for now I personally see this release mainly as an act of really massive and clashing heavy metal, comprised of both attacking riffs and thunderous drums, which together builds up an intense wall to back up the near constant harmony lines coming out of the lead guitars.

I would be lying my ass off if I told you that this record is a varied experience. Apart from a pair of tracks, it stays pretty much safe within one single vein. The vocal efforts of Ville Viljanen also sort of come out a little monotonous, although he carries his lines in a solid condition throughout the album. He's absolutely not the most shining vocalist in really heavy music, but still his efforts come out well to creditably assist to the end result.

The record has a rather impressive opening with a few cracking tracks, but later on my highest hopes slowly fades away a little bit. This effort most certainly never comes out bad in any way, but I also believe that it doesn't contain the total capacity to keep my interest on a really high level for the entire record. I don't aim to be too tough in my point of view and although it obviously doesn't fully holds the ability to maintain its initial momentum, I still see this as a rather satisfying release when pieces eventually come together.

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