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Gaia Epicus - Damnation

Published March 14 2009

=Staff's pick

Masters Of The Sea*
The Wizard's Return (Instrumental)
You Are A Liar!
Cyborgs From Hell*
The Savior (Will Come)
A Hero In All
Salvation Is Here

Genre Power Metal
Thomas Christian Hansen
Tracks 9
Thomas Christian Hansen
Runningtime 44 Min.
Label Epicus Records
Andreas Passmark
Release 08 December 2008
Ole Alexander Myrholt
Country Norway
Similar artists Gamma Ray, Insania, Freedom Call

Seize the day! Gaia Epicus have triumphantly returned sewing the seeds of Damnation. All former members have since departed, save Ole Myrholt, who is also quite busy with his other bands: Enslavement Of Beauty, Diabolical Breed, & Tremor; none of which are even close to this style of Power Metal. This in no way deters Thomas Christian Hansen's resolve, as he is dutifully and diligently writing and recording the next album - Dark Secrets, due this fall. He is also remastering the first two albums - Satrap & Symphony Of Glory, now to be released soon through Epicus Records, with bonus tracks.

The titular track, which is also the longest cut, commences by awakening the monster in us all, with it's awesome power metal thrust; yet, initially bleak lyrical approach. Like so many songs on this all-star firestorm of fury, a myriad of guest appearances redound, beginning with Roland Grapow's master playing, inside the storm. Even though, the themes are sullen, the music is up tempo, and enjoyable, ending with a glimmer of hope, and a big bang.

Next up is the Stormwitch meets Running Wild inspired Masters Of The Sea. This striking viking exploration is enhanced by the rapid soloing of Dominique Leurquin, and the raging wavers of Thomas Christian Hansen, himself; who is the main songwriter, and binding fortress of resolved attitude, always securing that Gaia Epicus will be marching on to victory.

Firestorm is another tornado of soul storm anguish, fire, and icy themes. This features a guitar solo by Jonas Hörnqvist, and a keyboard solo by Fabrizio S Muratori. You Are A Liar! with a solo played by Lasse Jensen, who also contributes several other solos on the CD, maintains the innovation of Victory songs like Revenge Is Sweet or Fortress Of Solitude; however, Thomas sounds less like Dave Mustain, and more like himself, again.

The sci-fi inspired Cyber futuristic Cyborgs From Hell can be heard at their My Space page. This is also a real burner which keeps you watching the sky, nettled, yet circumspect.

The graceful Gamma Ray inspired last three tracks land free, and fit into place, mirroring a more positive outlook, with a sincere trust in the future world to come, as Mankind accepts responsibility for his own actions. The uplifting Salvation Is Here incorporates additional vocals from Ola Halén of Sweden's own Insania. Here is where the keyboards by Michael Troy conquer and swell, and flourish; adding a dulcet taste of joy to the mirthful chorus.

Overall, Damnation is a solid blend of the first two albums, with a smattering of Victory. Any fan of this band will not be disappointed by this noble effort. Gaia Epicus breed new life into the stagnant Power Metal genre by consistently creating a sweet symphony of glory which echoes in our Heavy Mettle Hearts - creating a hero in all of us.

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8 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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