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Cyphoria - Contradiction Conundrum Deprived

=Staff's pick

Transcendental Requiem Of Fire
Cybernetic Enhancements*

Genre Melodic Death Metal
Ali Horuz
Tracks 3
Ali Horuz
Runningtime 11 Min.
Christian Bernhall
Fredrik Carlsson
Release Feb. 2004
Alexander Weding
Country Sweden
Lena Hjalmarson
Similar artists Children Of Bodom

The Gothenburg based band Cyphoria was founded in 2003 and has so far only released this demo that was recorded in 2004. The band plays melodic death metal and since this demo was done the band has written and rehearsed new material.

After the first song Transcendental Requiem Of Fire that serves as an intro, Cybernetic Enhancements starts with fast pace death metal. The track has melodic guitar leads and the music can be described as a less extreme Cradle Of Filth and as longer the song goes on it drifts more towards the melodies and the more heavy metal oriented parts from Children Of Bodom. The sounds of the guitars are crisp and sharp and this is a very good track of melodic death metal.

Nightwing feels to be more heavy metal oriented with the structure even if it comes out in the end as melodic death metal. It has an even more apparent vibe of Children Of Bodom, the leads and melodic breaks are very similar but the keyboard and guitar do not harmonise as much as I would have wanted to. Instead the keyboard is ever present in the background taking up too much space and is taking away some of the aggressive edge.

Cyphoria further has a touch of the Gothenburg sound and are well on their way to become a really good band, since they already sound to be tight in their performance. I can easily recommend Cyphoria to fans of melodic death metal in the vein of Children Of Bodom. If there is anything they should work on it is to tone down the keyboard or to harmonise it more with the guitars, and a bit more complexity to the songs wouldn't hurt either. Since this demo was released Lena Hjalmarsson has quit the band and Cyphoria is currently seeking a new keyboard player.






6,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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