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Crystal Eyes - Confessions Of The Maker

=Staff's pick

The Charioteer *
Confessions Of The Maker
Northern Rage*
The Fools' Ballet
The Terror
White Wolves
The Burning Vision
Revolution In The Shadowland*
Terminal Voyage*
Silent Angel

Genre Heavy/Power Metal
Daniel Heiman
Tracks 11
Mikael Dahl
Runningtime 54 Min.
Jonathan Nyberg
Label Heavy Fidelity
Claes Wikander
Release 01 April 2005
Stefan Svantesson
Country Sweden
Mikael Dahl
Similar artists Lost Horizon, Hammerfall, Edguy

Crystal Eyes probably did the best recruiting of a member that was done year - with Daniel Heiman from Lost Horizon they climb several steps. He was intentionally only to do two songs but as it turned out he did all but one song on Crystal Eyes' fourth album Confessions Of The Maker. Mikael Dahl that decided to step down from the microphone in favour of their new vocalist takes care of the last one, the ballad Silent Angel.

Something that immediatly strikes me is that there are so much better songs on this one. The songwriting has taken a great leap forward just as the performance from the guys as they have pushed themselves to the maximum to be able to match the superior voice from Daniel. With the guitars in front of the music, Crystal Eyes create catchy melodies and not seldom with the speed of power metal but also some really heavy flirting with the eighties and acts like Iron Maiden, Accept, Running Wild and Judas Priest. The solos and harmonies make it hard for the guys to hide the fact that their influences must have made a major impact on them, and I must say that it is with the honour they are doing all this flirting.

Even though Daniel Heiman hasn't contributed to the songwriting, since that part is mostly taken care of by Mikael Dahl, the band has come closer to the sound of Lost Horizon, but it is obviously the vocals that makes the biggest likeness. Crystal Eyes also has much in common with another contemporary act like Hammerfall, and that is not least with the riffing that supports the title track Confessions Of The Maker, a mid-tempo track that has a hymn-like chorus and an Iron Maiden-like solo part, and do I sense a sing-along moment when it comes to performing live there? Another track that ought to work very well live is Northern Rage, which is much reminiscent of the groove and tempo of late eighties Running Wild, but when Crystal Eyes are at their best is with the faster songs. When they bring out the most of the power metal in them with songs like with the fast and catchy opener The Charioteer, or tracks like Panic and Revolution In The Shadowland.

Heiman sings great as always, but it feels as if he is holding back, like the key they are playing is one too low for his voice, nevertheless he has one hell of a set of pipes and his entrance in Crystal Eyes has made them better in more ways than just with the vocals.

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7 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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