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Cipher System - Communicate The Storms

Published September 19 2011

=Staff's pick

7 Inch Cut
Forget To Forgive
Communicate The Storms
Gods Terminal
End My Path
The Stairway*
A Lesson Learned
Project Life Collapse
The Failure Starts*

Genre Melodic Death Metal
Karl Obbel
Tracks 10
Johan Eskilsson
Running time 48 Min.
Andreas Allenmark
Label Nuclear Blast
Henric Carlsson
Release 09 September 2011
Emil Frisk
Country Sweden
Peter Engström
Producer Henrik Udd
Similar artists Dark Tranquillity

It´s been a long wait. Seven years since this band released one of the best albums in its genre, and during these years the band has been down several times, now rising on nine. I have been waiting for years, so my expectations were, needless to say, high. So it s with great anticipation and a bit of could sweat I listen to this album for the first time. The last album was fantastic, will this one be equally good? Well, maybe, but after listening to it for a few days, I´d say the answer is no. Not because this is a bad album, it most certainly is not!, but it´s got the last one to compete with.

What attracts me with the last album, "Central Tunnel 8", was it´s uniqueness. Cipher System really does not sound like any other band, and their harmonies, melodies and riffs stand out. It seems to me that on this album though, the similarities with other bands is more obvious. It´s not that this album is no good, it just is not as unique as I would like it to. I know they can do better.

But, non the less, what we are being served is a well composed dose of melodic metal, screaming vocals, atmospheric vibes from the synth and melodies as beautiful as they are brutal. This is still a band that you need to hear to understand.

Four of the songs from this album have been available on the internet as demo recordings, so for the fans they are not new. They have been spiced up a bit and, I must say, sound better now. The rest of the songs hold an equal quality, and there is not really one song that is not good. I do get a bit frustrated with the endless screaming in "Communicate The Storms". Sometimes it´s a bit to much.

Production is overall very good, even though I could wish for a few things to be a bit different. It sometimes feels like something is missing. Guitar master Johan Eskilsson proves that he and his partner in crime, Andreas Allenmark, are a team to count on, as they blast away melodies and riffs with perfection. Overall, the performance of this album is great, even though I find the drums to be very uninspired at times.

Vocalist Karl Obel I allso think should work a bit on his range. As for now, it´s a bit monotonous, and the lower growls need to be better for me to enjoy this to the full. I am very excited to see what these guys can bring to the table, and wish them the greatest of luck in future endavours.

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8 chalices of 10 - Olof

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