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Potential Threat SF - Civilization Under Threat

Published June 20 2013

=Staff's pick

Destroy And Dominate
The Threat Of Things To Come
Stick To Your Guns
In For The Kill
Edge Of Insanity*
Beneath The Surface
Behold The End*
Written In Blood*
Rise Of The Apocalypse*

Genre Thrash Metal
Mike Noble
Tracks 10
Mike Noble
Running time 59 Min.
Daniel Sheridan
Label Old School Metal Records
Damien Sisson
Release 18 June 2013
Kenny Noble
Country USA
Producer Juan Urteaga
Similar artists Testament

Another thrash metal release from Old School Metal Records, meaning you don't have to be in the Mensa organization to figure out in the rough what this sounds like. This band never made it big and that's probably why I can't recall ever listening to them before. I will however provide some guidance to what these Bay Area thrashers have now accomplished with their brand new effort Civilization Under Threat.

So this is thrash metal with an older approach, yet without getting too blinded and locked up with that overused and washed out old school moniker, who an immense number of bands use to get some attention. It's produced in a way suitable for this type of music. The sound quality feels genuine, not too clean and it's not too much eighties vibes either with excessive poor quality to make it sound older and more true than it actually is. It also contains many elements of traditional heavy metal and the major part of the songs pass the five minute mark.

Needless to say, the song's greatness or failures will be the biggest question on this release, like with most music naturally. I can assure you that there was a long time ago I heard an album with such equally good songs present all through. Definitely no fillers, but also no completely bonecrushing tracks either, even if the album's latter half comes out strong. If you're looking for diversity, I would suggest looking elsewhere. Variety isn't their main goal obviously, when you see the album as a whole piece, that is.

To serve you additional information of what this album is about, it has similarities to Testament's earlier releases and some riffs are very Metallica as well. I'm pretty certain that fans of traditional thrash metal without too much speed involved will find at least some satisfaction in this near one hour release. Definitely an album that hits harder and harder with each spin, although I'm not fully taken by storm. 6 chalices to a good record with heavy riffs and with a bassplay much to my liking.








6 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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