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Carcass - Choice Cuts

=Staff's pick

Genital Grinder
Maggot Colony
Exhume To Consume
Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency
Tools Of The Trade
Corporal Jigsore Quandary*
Incarnated Solvent Abuse
Buried Dreams*
No Love Lost*
Keep On Rotting In The Free World*
R**k The Vote*
This Is Your Life*
Bonus tracks:
Crepitating Bowel Erosion
Slash Dementia
Cadaveric Incubator Of Endoparasites
Reek Of Putrefaction
Empathological Necroticism
Fermenting Innards
Exhume To Consume*

Genre Gore/Melodic Death Metal
Jeff Walker
Tracks 21
Bill Steer
Runningtime 79 Min.
Label Earache
Jeff Walker
Release 24 May 2004
Ken Owens
Country England
Similar artists Death, Arch Enemy, Kreator

If you are a fan of Carcass this one should fit you perfectly , and if you haven't heard of Carcass it should be obligated that you go out and get yourself a copy of this one. Choice Cuts is covering what needs to be covered throughout the history of legendary band Carcass, it spans over their entire career and as bonus old Peel Sessions tracks are included on the album. Apparently Choice Cuts was originally shelved already in 1999 but has now been released with the full co-operation of the band.

The album shows the progression Carcass have made, from their brutal death metal that originated a style of their own called gore-metal mostly because their gruesome lyrics. And later on towards the style from where they became a more "cleaner" band sound-wise and became a more melodic death/thrash metal band. It was about then I discovered them with the stunning Heartwork (1993) album and it was also then when Carcass really were at their best in my opinion.

The first thirteen tracks displays their career pretty good and the following last eight tracks are from two different peel sessions recorded back in 1989 and 1990. Those really show the more brutal side of Carcass and are more for the older fans than me, who prefer the later albums before the older ones.

Not sure whether the tracks has been remastered or not but the quality is generally pretty good, even the live tracks hold a fairly good quality even if it is not a perfectly clear sound. The Swedish string bender Michael Amott (Spiritual Beggars, Arch Enemy) were a member in Carcass but left after Heartwork and if you are a fan of Arch Enemy you most definitely need to check out the later Carcass albums.
Carcass was formed in 1985 and was later disbanded in 1996 and released five albums during their active period.






7 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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