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Locomotive Breath - Change Of Track

=Staff's pick

What I've Become*
Leaving My Heart With You
Speed Driven*
Feel My Rage
High On Illusion
Kingdom Of Tragedy
Chains Around Heaven
I'll Be Fighting*

Genre Melodic Metal/Hard Rock
Mattias Osbäck
Tracks 13
Janne Stark
Runningtime 55 Min.
Label Lion Music
Marcel Jacob
Release 04 Nov. 2005
Ted Wernersson
Country Sweden
Similar artists Pink Cream 69, TNT, Starbreaker

Locomotive Breath has existed since 1995 when Janne Stark decided to form the band. Apart from being a member of the classic Swedish squadron Overdrive he is also responsible for writing two encyclopaedias of Swedish Hard Rock. The other main character and song writer in the band is the vocalist Mattias Osbäck. Marcel Jacob has also contributed with his skills since their former bass player quit the band just when the song writing process for Change Of Track was about to start. This is the band's third album and the first one to reach my ears so I didn't really have any expectations at all when I pushed the play button.

The first reaction that came to mind when the record started playing was the incredible guitar sound. I don't know what Mr. Stark has done to his equipment but it sounds absolutely fantastic. On top of that is his playing top notch and it's a feast for the ears to inhale all the riffs we are served. The song writing is based in classic hard rock straight from the 80's but thanks to the heavy production and the already mentioned guitar sound that cut like razors it's more right to label it as melodic metal I believe.

The album starts with three killer songs and Shadow must be considered as the overall highlight, a great song which should appeal to a lot of listeners out there. Apart from that I also would like to mention I'll Be Fighting with its nice flow and driving rhythm.

The star of Change Of Track is without of doubt Janne Stark as he delivers high class guitar work through the entire album. On a number of tracks though I think the vocal melodies and choruses could be much better and that lowers my judgement a bit. If they just work a little bit more in that area, the future is without a doubt looking bright for Locomotive Breath.

Last but not least I have to mention the guests that participate on the instrumental track Gargleblaster that ends the album. Some of the stars involved are Hank Sherman, Mattias Ia Eklundh, Tommy Denander and Lars-Eric Mattsson. I'm not a big fan of guitar orgies like that but maybe you are…






7 chalices of 10 - Hawk

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