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Cauldron - Chained To The Nite

Published April 06 2009

=Staff's pick

Young And Hungry
Conjure The Mass*
Chained Up In Chains*
The Leaven/Fermenting Enchantress
Dreams Die Young*
Bound To The Stake
Witch Trail
Midite Hour
Chains Around Heaven (Black 'N Blue Cover)*

Genre Traditional Metal
Jason Decay
Tracks 9
Ian Chains
Runningtime 44 Min.
Label Earache
Jason Decay
Release 06 April 2009
Steel Rider
Country Canada
Similar artists Widow, Thor, Cirith Ungol

The young and hungry, violent kids of Goat Horn are now Canada's Cauldron. Toronto's threatening force have signed to Earrache, presenting their debut melting pot of claustrophobic Classic Metal.

As Cauldron conjure the massive collection of '80s Hard Rock and Traditional Metal influences, they adumbrate a hint of their past efforts, melded with a more straight forward approach. Each unchained melody mitigates with a formidable sense of aggression, attitude, and virile vim.

The song - Young And Hungry - establishes the tone, with a powerful 1-2 punch. Conjure The Mass - liturgically continues the charade, and serenade. Chained Up In Chains - is blood bonded and fettered, secure with iron cast construction.

The Leaven/Fermenting Enchantress - is more epic, and doom laden, like the early style of Goat Horn on their - Voyage To Nowhere - 2001 debut. Dreams Die Young - guns with a blazing Power Metal flair. Midnite Hour - grates with that true, pure, gallopping guitar aspect.

Goat Horn had plenty of thrash tendencies, always storming the gates of steel. I relish their killer take on Sacrifice's - Re-Animation from Forward To Termination, on the Threatening Force (EP). Ever since I first heard this, I have often noticed this song's similarity to M.O.D'.s - A.I.D.S.

Cauldron have less thrash elements, but still obtain the trilogy of terror which bands like Anvil, Exciter, Raven, and Venom uphold. They also embody that epic causality which acts like Omen, Cirith Ungol, and Manilla Road paved the way for, over the meddled years.

Jason Decay is an average vocalist, with little range, but some degree of clarity. It is relatively easy to understand his vocalizations, which show little sign of affectation or fluctuation. I seriously doubt that he'll be winning any lead singer awards, any time soon. He reminds me of the on fire approach of Johnny Wooten from Raleigh's Widow. A shade of aspiration can be imputed to Tim Baker of Cirith Ungol, as well.

Cauldron seem to be influenced by the early work of Jon Mikl Thor. They were honoured to act, if you could call it that, in his deplorable sequel to "Rock 'N Roll Nighmare", called "Intercessor". On this release, they let their lifeblood run red, holding their fists up high.

As much as I appreciate the Traditional Metal method, the diminution of songwriting, and mediocre music could use some serious improvements. Bound To The Stake - is boring and banal. Witch Trail - seldom grabs my attention. The production could also be better, for a debut release on a reknown label.

Thankfully, the last song is a kick ass cover of Black 'N Blue's - Chains Around Heaven. Tommy Thayer's (of Kiss fame) original band was actually featured on the first Metal Massacre Series with Metallica, Cirith Ungol, and Malice. A heavy jammin' cover for the song - Autoblast - from their debut, warrants consideration, too. Cauldron do justice to this hair band's bruised ego, and end the album on a high thematic note.

I have enjoyed all the Goat Horn releases, with admirable delectation. I do appreciate the Cauldron debut. I would be more pleased if the music were more memorable. Steel Rider is a good guitarist. He plays adept rhythms, since he originally played drums for Goat Horn. Perhaps, the band could employ an additional axeman, and provide us with more harmony leads, and solos.

Decide for yourself, which trail or path should Cauldron choose? Should they remain locked up in chains of repitition and stagnation, bound to stake their claim, before their dreams die young; or should they mix, and change things up a bit, thereby allowing for a more accessible sound?

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6,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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