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Steel Vengeance - Call Off The Dogs

Published January 01 2012

=Staff's pick

Night Turns To Day*
Dreams Come True*
Time To Live, Time To Die
Devil's Lair
3 O'Clock In The Morning*
Victim Of Love*
Midnight Machine
Queen Of The Night
Will Not Be Defeated
Our Love Was Yesterday

Genre Heavy Metal
Scott Carlson
Tracks 10
Michael Wickstrom
Running time 40 Min.
Bob Lindstrom
Label Black Dragon Records
Steve Cavalier
Release Late 1985
Andy Andersson
Country USA
Producer Michael Wickstrom
Similar artists ---

Steel Vengeance. Most readers probably ask themselves who the hell they are. Short version: An eighties heavy metal band from Muskegon, Michigan. They released a couple of records on a French underground label called Black Dragon Records. This was before CDs were in every man's possession and from what I know it was never released on compact disc either. I search for it occasionally, but without any luck, so therefore my good old LP will have to do.

Imagine my surprise when I had decided to do a review of this semi-unknown classic heavy metal album and start to do some research and finds out that they have an official webside, as Mr. Wickstrom has made a comeback and started the band again with new members. According to the website they were in the studio a couple of months ago and I guess we will have to look forward for a new album to see the light of day in 2012, 27 years past their debut Call Off The Dogs.

This is a great album starting off with the thrashy Night Turns To Day, which has a killer riff, bad drum sound and great verses. This was in a time when choruses wasn't the most important part of the song and verses still rocked. Next up is Dreams Come True, a wonderful ballad with verses that bring out some tears. I will not go through every song, but most of the remaining songs is straight heavy metal based on riffs and to be quite frank, side B is no where near as good as side A is, speaking LP-wise, even though there are some good tunes there as well.

It has a classic mid-eighties sound and a low quality production, but in those days there was hardly no technology for bands without funds, the sound quality wasn't as important as it is nowadays and therefore I ignore that fact when I'm spreading my chalices. I highly recommend you to check out the YouTube-link below and at least listen to the first two songs on this record.








8 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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