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Ironware - Break Out

=Staff's pick

Holy Man*
Dark Sun
From Deep Inside
Time Machine*
Return Of The King
What Is Going On
Break Out
Man Of Hope*

Genre Power Metal
Pasi Humppi
Tracks 11
Stefan Andersson
Runningtime 48 Min.
Håkan Strind
Label Limb Music
Niklas Möller
Release 29 Sept. 2003
Freddy Zielinsky
Country Sweden
Similar artists Gamma Ray, Heavenly

Ironware is yet another young power metal band born out of Sweden, and.......what?
Original, you say?! Not really......
Good? Yes, they are.

The band with the name that indicates that they dream of having been young and up and coming around the beginning of the 80's deliver a very standardized type of metal perfectly according to the schoolbook of "How To Forge Your Steel And Swing Your Axe". It has the catchy and melodic riffs, nifty bridges, dueling twinguitars and harmony solos and choruses to singalong and swing your chalices high to. They have something special, though, that makes me hold them higher than the average band that are spitted out by the case nowadays. It has an overall feeling of personality and honesty rather than massproduction.

Their absolutely biggest asset are the choruses. Without being too much or too pretentious, they are all very well thought over and are standing as they are very, very catchy with a bit of their own style. A few of them a real killers, and the refrain to Time Machine really blows you away. What a masterpiece! It's on the verge of being the ultimate refrain (it do however bare strong similarities to something I have heard before - just can't put my finger on it...probably something from the X-Mas Project Part I or II....). Saviors are another song with a refrain that kills.
They have also realised the value in varying the tempo and songstructure which give them an extra point. We get everything from the faster melodic bits (in clear majority) to the more heavy, galopping and epic tunes like Saviors and What Is Going On.

Musically, Ironware has since early childhood surely been fed their fair share of Helloween, Gamma Ray and most of the bands Kai Hansen have poked around with his fingers in, because their music bare strong resemblences with his type of riffs, and even the vocals are leaning towards that area. It has the same sharp, special touch to it and to that add that it is very charming and fits very good in this band.

The album is produced by the legendary King Diamond guitar player Andy La Roque (Evergrey, Falconer, Witchery etc.)

If you like Gamma Ray, Heavenly, Vhäldemar - than check Ironware out!
They have to settle with an average grade this time as this is just plain good catchy metal and not an eyebrow-raiser, but I have high hopes for this in the future.






7 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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