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Logar´s Diary - Book 1-Iostros

=Staff's pick

Earthdawn (Intro)
Lonely on the Serpent River*
Travelling to the Blood Woods*
Ti´An - A Troubadour´s Ballad
Demon in the Kaer*
Travar - The Golden City
Home of the Traders-Barterstown
King´s Hall
My Love still exists
Déjà Vu (Outro)

Genre Power Metal
Tracks 11
Cristoph Uhl
Runningtime 51 Min.
Steven Schubert
Label ---
Felix Gretzer
Release 22 Jan. 2001
Country Germany
Michael Kwandt
Similar artists Edguy, Freedom Call, Helloween

The fact that the heavy- and power metal genre is flourishing like never before is once again proved by yet another band on the scene. Logar's Diary from Berlin, Germany, is one of these and man - what an up and comer! Already on the great cover and by looking at the list of tracks one immediately realise that we're dealing with a fantasy power metal band. Logar's Diary has touches of Blind Guardian and Rhapsody to their sound and even some very Running Wild and Iron Maiden influenced riffs but overall they don't sound like either of these.

There's also a very medieval and classic feeling of the album that starts with the spoken intro Earthdawn. Thereafter follows one of the best power metal tracks I've heard in my entire life- Lonely on the Serpent River, where the above mentioned Running Wild influences in one bombastic riff is crystal clear. This is also the fastest and most energetic song of the album. Other tracks that are worth mentioning are Travelling to the Blood Woods, Home of the Traders- Barterstown, King's Hall and the title song itself.

Book I- Iostros perhaps doesn't have the hammering harmony guitar bending solos and the singing could be better on a few tracks but then again, these guys are quite young and I'm sure Logar's Diary will blow us away for real given enough time and routine. Overall there are many parts of the album that sound very good with great guitar passages, mighty choruses and choirs.

This all makes up to a collection of tracks that make Logar's Diary just not yet another power metal band. Book I is a very promising debut album and Logar's Diary should be entering a bright shining future if they keep improving from this metal solid foundation. I know I will be one of many fans waiting with great anticipation for their next release and hearing the chapters of Book II will probably not make a single one of us disappointed!

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7 chalices of 10 - Mat

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