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Krisiun - Bloodshed

=Staff's pick

Slain Fate*
Servant Of Emptiness*
Hateful Nature*
Visions Beyond
They Call Me Death*
Unmerciful Order*
Crosses Toward Hell
Infected Core
Outro - MMIV

Genre Death Metal
Alex C.
Tracks 12
Moyses K.
Runningtime 41 Min.
Label Century Media
Alex C.
Release 18 Oct. 2004
Max K.
Country Brazil
Similar artists Nephasth

Brazilian blast masters Krisiun are once again here with their uncompromising and very own Metal of Death. Bloodshed contains not only new songs but also the Unmerciful Order MCD from -93. A lot of things can be said about this band, the main opinions are often that they are either excellent or boring. It seems like there is nothing in between. My view of it is very close to the first option. Ever since the Conquerors Of Armageddon album, I've been convinced by the brilliance of this band and after their Works Of Carnage there were no doubts that they are one among the leading bands this genre has to offer today.

Bloodsheed kicks of with Slain Fate, a bit reserved and low tempo if we are talking Krisiun norms here. Almost a bit experimental with its slow part with very, very high guitar tones. The same goes for the second one, Ominous, a very heavy and dark epos. Two slow songs in a row is my first thought, but the order is soon to be restored. Hellish bee swarming riffs which are driven forward by inhumane blast and cool arrangements by Max Kolesne behind the drums. Everyone who is fortune to have witnessed Krisiun live knows what I speak of. This is the real stuff. I guess that in order to keep the music at this high level you need talent, patience and a huge passion for what you are doing. Krisiun got it all.

I think that this material holds the same high standard as the Works Of Carnage does. The difference compared to earlier albums lays in the sound. It's hard to say what's missing, perhaps the sound is a bit hollow, but there are good are characteristic vocals from Alex Camargo. The new songs on this recording are as good as it use to be. Especially the three first ones, Slain Fate, Ominous and Servant of Emptiness. The older songs from the Unmerciful Order MCD comes as number eight to twelve and perhaps they don't shine as much as the new ones of course, but songs like They Call Me Death and the title track are always welcome. The Bloodshed album is not perfect but close.






8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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