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Accept - Blind Rage

Published August 05 2014

=Staff's pick

Dying Breed*
Dark Side Of My Heart
Fall Of The Empire
Trail Of Tears*
Wanna Be Free
200 Years
Bloodbath Mastermind
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The Curse
Final Journey*

Genre Heavy Metal
Mark Tornillo
Tracks 11
Wolf Hoffmann
Running time 59 Min.
Herman Frank
Label Nuclear Blast
Peter Baltes
Release 13 August 2014
Stefan Schwarzmann
Country Germany/USA
Producer Andy Sneap
Similar artists ---

* Not performing.

No-one will any longer have to question the absence of former vocalist Udo Dirkschneider, because his replacement, Mark Tornillo, is definitely able to fulfill his duties with passion and the latter does it at least as good as his predecessor did. It's starting to get a little tedious and a pain in the ass to have to mention this at every record release since the band's comeback in 2010, but it's nevertheless an important factor to point out, given a few people in the metal world still happen to be doubtful and believe that this once somewhat controversial singer swap would destroy the band.

Accept genuinely represents the term heavy metal in detail. It's heavy and skilled with cool, impressive and hard-hitting riffs, backed up by activities of massive bass plays and thunderous drums. Already in the beginning of the first song, Stampede, we're almost thrown back thirty years in time and this phenomenon is pretty much valid through the album's near one-hour of playing time, although it of course sonically differs from that distant period. The overall sound is massive and powerful and it creates a substantially strong atmosphere to back up the songs and it's a no brainer that Accept has chosen to involve Andy Sneap in the process again.

The band hasn't gone through any kind of transformation musically with this new release, if looking at the two previous albums since the band's return, Blood Of The Nations and Stalingrad. Blind Rage follows the footsteps in a natural way and it actually contains almost everything a record of this type of metal needs to have, as far as I'm concerned. Strength, a driving force and also a huge effect with outstanding guitar plays. All in all, a great and fresh album and Accept shows that this band still is a force to be reckoned with. All the songs aren't totally over the top satisfying, but at the same time, this record shows that there's an urge to create something awesome on all platforms.

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