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Iron Fire - Blade Of Triumph

Published Sept. 07 2007

=Staff's pick

Bloodbath Of Knights
Dawn Of Victory
Lord Of The Labyrinth*
Bridges Will Burn
Follow The Sign*
Steel Invaders*
Jackal's Eye
Legend Of The Magic Sword*
Gladiator's Path
Blade Of Triumph

Genre Power Metal
Martin Steene
Tracks 11
Jobbe J.
Runningtime 55 Min.
Kirk Backarack
Label Napalm Records
Martin Lund
Release 29 June 2007
Jens Berglid
Country Denmark
Similar artists Hammerfall, Dream Evil

Many bands go through rough and difficult times. But still few can match the turmoil that Iron Fire has been through since the debut Thunderstorm (2000). The band has changed more members than Megadeth, in less than a third of the time. But the main man Martin Steene always returns, with new strength - and a new band lineup. I was rather impressed by last year's Revenge. It felt vital, inspired and simply was what it was called. Now Iron Fire follow it up with Blade Of Triumph. Suddenly I'm not that impressed.

It is the same sound, basically, and - strangely enough - it is the same guys. For the first time in the band's history two recordings have passed without any lineup-changes at all. But the little spice, the little sense of revenge, is just not there anymore. Great songs, but where are the mad balls? Does Steene need to be really pissed to reach that extra level?

Anyway, the intentionally cliché titles and lyrics are worth an extra point. Just taste the titles of Bloodbath Of Knights and Legend Of The Magic Sword. About my favourites: Lord Of The Labyrinth is a Rhapsody flavoured medieval ballad. Follow The Sign is the first sign of hope of a definite take off, with its catchy chorus. Steel Invaders has also that kind of imminent chorus, and stands as my absolute favourite even after a few listenings.

Legend Ot The Magic Sword is the fairytale ballad, which grows for every time you give your ears to it. But generally the choruses never reach the impressive level of Revenge, where almost everyone was a killer. What is most positive in the end is Martin Steene's voice. He has an originality to it that actually few metal singers achieve. He definitely avoids getting stuck in the high pitch 'Kiske' style of singing, but varies his efforts very skilful between high and low.

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6,5 chalices of 10 - David

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