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Lazarus A.D. - Black Rivers Flow

Published February 04 2011

=Staff's pick

American Dreams
The Ultimate Sacrifice
The Strong Prevail
Black Rivers Flow
Casting Forward
Light A City (Up In Smoke)
Through Your Eyes
Beneath The Waves Of Hatred

Genre Thrash Metal
Jeff Paulick
Tracks 9
Dan Gapen
Runningtime 43 Min.
Alex Lackner
Label Metal Blade
Jeff Paulick
Release 01 February 2011
Ryan Shutler
Country USA
Producer Chris Wisco    
Similar artists Testament

When The Onslaught appeared four years ago there was quite the number of moshers who unreservedly praised the thrash attack Lazarus A.D. delivered on that album. Playing thrash metal is mostly, a bit cheeky, about not changing the music as it was developed by Metallica, Slayer and Testament in the 80s without being totally nostalgic.

This fact Lazarus A.D. demonstrated beautifully on their debut, a record that reminded mostly of Testament, and had some very good songs on it. So when the sophomore album, Black Rivers Flow, was rumored to be in the pipeline, this sure made me very much looking forward to the album.

Therefore I quite bitterly conclude that Black Rivers Flow doesn't live up to my expectations. The level of variation within the music is higher than on The Onslaught, which is good because the weak spot on the debut was that the music was somewhat monotone.

But instead of bringing with them the good elements of that record - a furious drive and a feel of fuck you all - Lazarus A.D. has instead opted for playing much slower, and to play these more groove-oriented sections with an awful sense of being on autopilot. I can just shake my head over how lame this sounds. There are of course glimpses of light, but these are so few that I scarcely notice them.

Playingwise things are fine - Lazarus A.D's problem isn't that the guys don't know how to play, and not in the production which is very good, but in the weak songs that I, sadly, don't feel have the same drive as those on the debut. I sincerely hope that Lazarus A.D. rises as high as I know they can on the next album - but Black Rivers Flow doesn't rise above the bar of mediocrity for me.








5 chalices of 10 - Martin

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