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Destiny - Beyond All Sense 2005

=Staff's pick

Kill The Witch
Ode To You
Power By Birth
Rest In Peace*
Madame Guillotine
No Way Out*
More Evil Than Evil*
Sirens In The Dark*

Genre Heavy Metal
Kristoffer Göbel
Tracks 10
Janne Ekberg
Runningtime 46 Min.
Label GMR
Stefan Björnshög
Release 11 May 2005
Birger Löfman
Country Sweden
Similar artists Iron Maiden, Judas Priest

I don't know if it is to be counted among the regular releases but Beyond All Sense 2005 is the sixth album Destiny have released, not a very productive band considering their more than twenty years in the scene. Destiny released this album already back in the eighties, 1985 to be precise, although I don't think that there are too many that own the album since there were only 2000 copies released. And when I listen to the original Beyond All Sense album it feels like they made the right choice in re-record it, to be honest there are quite many flaws on the old version that they have fixed now, not least with the production and the vocals.

The feeling and the spirit from the old time is kept although it has a fresh sound and a very good production , which wasn't the case with the original album. It is heavy metal of the classic kind with a strong vibe of the beginning of the eighties, and that might not be so strange considering when the songs were written. Destiny have lots of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden in them and with a track like the closing Sirens In The Dark you have an anthem that carries really good harmonies not that far from Maiden. I really like the sound on Beyond All Sense 2005, it has a raw sound like it was recorded live and I also like that you can really hear the bass guitar, especially when it sound as good as it does and that it hasn't been hidden in the mix as many tend to.

The original intro and an instrumental track have had to leave place for two new songs that in fact are old and unreleased Destiny songs from their early days with new lyrics written by Kristoffer Göbel. No Way Out is the first and with lyrics about Ozzy it actually has an Ozzy vibe to it as well, and when Kristoffer puts his Ozzy side to the vocals, a side I didn't knew that he had in him, the similarities don't exactly get less. Göbel which is a good vocalist is also to be found in the band Falconer where he does a really good job but it is with Destiny his voice comes to its full right. Ode To You is the second "new" track and the lyrics is written in memory of Dimebag.

As it turned out is was a very good move to re-record these songs instead of just releasing them in a re-mastered way. I did put on the old album to make comparisons since I didn't remember exactly how it sounded, but I ended that really quickly. The songs might be the same but these new recordings are so much better in every way, not least with the vocals, so I stopped trying to compare them and came to the conclusion that the only reason to listen to the original from now on is for nostalgic reasons.

Beyond All Sense 2005 also comes with a DVD that includes a video to the song In The Shadow Of The Rainbow from the album Future Of The Past complete with some live footage and discography.






8 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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