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Freedom Call - Beyond

Published February 17 2014

=Staff's pick

Union Of The Strong
Knights Of Taragon*
Heart Of A Warrior
Come On Home
Among The Shadows
Edge Of The Ocean
Journey Into Wonderland
In The Rhythm Of Light
Dance Off The Devil
Follow Your Heart
Colours Of Freedom*
Beyond Eternity

Genre Power/Melodic Metal
Chris Bay
Tracks 14
Chris Bay
Running time 60 Min.
Lars Rettkowitz
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Ilker Ersin
Release 24 February 2014
Ramy Ali
Country Germany
Chris Bay
Producer Chris Bay, Stephan Ernst
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With long-time gone bass player Ilker Ersin back in the ranks on a permanent basis, replacing Samy Saemann, this unit feels more complete again. It's like a little back to basics and what originally made this formation to what it is. Last year, drummer Klaus Sperling departed as well and left room for his replacement Ramy Ali that fulfills the duties behind the kit on this band's eighth full length studio album in fifteen years.

Beyond covers much of Freedom Call's past efforts. A few of the songs, or at least many parts, seem to hail all the way back to the band's debut Stairway To Fairyland. With patented choirs, riffs and melodies, the resemblances are evident, although the pertinent atmosphere naturally is different after all these years and records. Today's possibilities and techniques offer a new approach and this new release is absolutely not an attempt to copy themselves. This is more fresh and vivid, even if it's pretty similar in the end to what's achieved earlier.

I didn't expect a total makeover and I honestly can say that I don't look for a renovation either. Like with most of this outfit's earlier releases, this one also breathes optimism and cements the clear position as happy metallers. It contains a few outstanding tracks like the epic title track and the powerful Paladin. When seeing the rest, it's rather common on a high level, but without any massive impressions that could make me hopeful that Chris Bay and his crew once again are able to produce fantastic metal albums like Eternity again.

The songs are consistently pretty strong, but I'm not fully convinced of the album's total greatness and its ability to create comfort. I perhaps raise the bar to heights nearly impossible to reach, because it's still a good and somewhat accurate record nonetheless, worth 7 full chalices. Freedom Call fans will probably feel at ease with this effort and I definitely like it as well, but it doesn't make me wanna jump up high to hit the ceiling like some of the past work did.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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