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Motörhead - Bad Magic

Published August 25 2015

=Staff's pick

Victory Or Die*
Thunder & Lightning
Fire Storm Hotel
Shoot Out All Of Your Lights*
The Devil
Evil Eye*
Teach Them How To Bleed*
Till The End
Tell Me Who To Kill
Choking On Your Screams
When The Sky Comes Looking For You
Sympathy For The Devil

Genre Heavy Metal
Lemmy Kilmister
Tracks 13
Philip Campbell
Running time 43 Min.
Label UDR Music
Lemmy Kilmister
Release August 28, 2015
Mikkey Dee
Country England, Wales, Sweden
Producer Cameron Webb
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You have without a doubt seen it before, that someone says that Motörhead's new record follows the same old routine, but what is there to say when it's often very close to the truth?

Certainly there are nuances in the music over the years and everything on this release is absolutely not a carbon copy of past songs, but if you don't choose to view the performance in detail too much, then the melodies, the riffs, the hooks and actually the entire basics and the arrangements are pretty similar in one way or another to what's been given previously, and especially with the last couple of albums. To be frank, it unquestionably bears a rather strong resemblance to way earlier stuff too and occasionally I hear things that could have been recorded back in the late 70's.

Mikkey Dee's drum play is definitely still an awesome element to this unit's total outcomes. Lemmy's harsh voice has deteriorated naturally, starting a few records before this one, but I can't say that his voice is coming out really bad. You can definitely hear that he has lost quite a bit of his power, but nevertheless I think that his efforts here are a little bit stronger than what he was able to bring forward on the band's latest release Aftershock. Philip Campbell's guitar playing is considerably influenced by the band's earlier material and his rugged style fits this album in a rewarding way.

The album's overall production is back to a more rough and dirty appearance again and I believe that this sound picture coincides with what Motörhead really is. The songs all throughout the record aren't completely awesome, nor are they bad in any way and I think that the band has stepped up a few inches from its latest releases. Rather surprisingly, if you ask me, Bad Magic doesn't contain any fillers, which I think that the last couple of predecessors all had their fair share of, and as far as I'm concerned, this album is in fact one of this outfit's most valid albums in recent years.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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