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Babymetal - Babymetal

Published May 22 2015

=Staff's pick

Babymetal Death
Gimme Chocolate!!*
Doki Doki * Morning
Onedari Daisakusen
Song 4
Uki Uki * Midnight
Catch Me If You Can
Rondo Of Nightmare
Head Bangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!*
Ijime, Dame, Zettai
Road Of Resistance
Gimme Chocolate!! (Live)

Genre Heavy/Thrash Metal/J-pop
Tracks 15
Running time 66 Min.
Takayoshi Ohmura
Label earMusic
Leda/Mikio Fujioka
Release May 29, 2015
Country Japan
Hideki Aoyama
Producer -
Yuya Maeta
Similar artists ---

European CD street date: May 29th 2015. Released on CD in Japan and as digital download in selected territories around the world on February 26th 2014. The band's lineup listed above might be slightly incorrect.

Babymetal comprises 3 teenage girls on vocals and I reckon that this spectacle wouldn't have come out as big if this group had included 3 middle-aged women instead. This album is put together by songs from 2011 and forward and personally I find it pretty astonishing that this type of crossover music is able to get itself kind of rooted outside of Japan. In that particular country it's not unusual that things are a little different in comparison to the rest of the world and this piece of music comes out as no exception to that rule.

The record is really diverse as it spans over a large number of categories, involving all from computerized kids music in Japanese to more violent stuff and some kind of aggressive type of metal. I really don't find this album appealing in total. It simply doesn't contain the hooks, the melodies and the attitude that I'm looking for. Personally I see this release as close to nonsense and this once again proves that Japan has a hard time producing something effective and captivating in metal music. It's certainly not because I'm grumpy, but in the end this record is a rather silly effort, as far as I'm concerned.

According to me a major part songs are just a waste of time and some of the songs are utterly bad and I really don't appreciate having kids singing metal, even if the vocal melodies in fact is this record's outstanding feature. In contrast, this record's biggest disadvantage is that almost all songs within themselves differ in quality from one moment to the next one, as they rapidly change from one kind of music to another. If they weren't so eager to frequently change direction, I know for a fact that I would have found this disc more appealing. To be frank, a few songs are nonetheless a little catchy, like for example Megitsune, Gimme Chocolate!! and Akatsuki, but it's simply just not enough to make me impressed.

After a dozen spins, I feel that Japanese kids television music in a mixture with pop related stuff and really heavy shit isn't exactly something I am able to grow fond of. Still I believe that this record actually might, in today's standards, sell lots of copies, because at the end of the day, people are kind of easy to seduce into believing that they will listen to this in the future as well. Finally I've got to give this constellation a super huge amount of credit to its originally and its characteristic attributes, so even if I don't fancy the outcome of this effort, I will hand out 4 chalices anyway.








4 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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