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Hate - Awakening Of The Liar

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Anti-God Extremity
Close To The Nephilim*
Immolate The Pope*
The Shroud (A Hellisk Venue)*
The Scrolls
Awakening Of The Liar
Serve God, Rely On Me (Hymn Of Asa´El)*
Grail In The Flesh
Spirit Of Gospa*

Genre Death Metal
Adam the first sinner
Tracks 10
Adam the first sinner
Runningtime 32 Min.
Label Listenable Records
Release 01 April 2004
Country Poland
Similar artists Dies Irae, Morbid Angel

Hate from Warsaw, Poland, bring us the "Awakening Of The Liar". The first time I've heard about this band was a downloading of the song "Flagellation". The song sounded quite good and the music was of the extreme and well-played kind of polish metal that as a fact nowadays sweeps out all over Europe. Hate can best be described as death metal with faster and pounding tunes a´la Morbid Angel and slower parts like the ones that appeared on the "Sin War" with Dies Irae.

Another fact strikes me, as I read that "Awakening Of The Liar" are recorded and produced in Poland at Hard studio, Warsaw and Hertz studio, Bialystok. There aren´t many polish bands that goes abroad to record their albums - see Vader, Dies Irae, Decapitated, Behemoth, Yattering & Vesania. Well, the list can be long with good polish metal these days.

The album then - well as I said the influences are a mixture of the Polish and American style. Technical Death, without being boring and over ambitious. The songwriting and arrangements holds a very high level trough the whole album. Faster and slower parts fit very well together. As I said it never gets boring - due to their structure the slower parts fills an important role. If there is anything to complain about it must be the vocals, a little more variety and finess would make this band even better. In fact I think that a bit more work on the vocals would do a lot for the identity of Hate. And with death monuments like"Flagellation", "Close To The Nephilim", "The Shroud" and "Spirit Of Gospa" Hate are to be counted on in the future.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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