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Arsenite - Apophis

Published December 08 2014

=Staff's pick

Disorder Of The Mind
No Surrender No Retreat*
Hell On Earth
Cult Of The Demon*
The Valley Of The Kings
This Is The End
City Of Anarchy

Genre Thrash Metal
Tony Classon
Tracks 8
Tony Classon
Running time 37 Min.
Niklas Gustavsson
Label Rambo Music/Sony Music
Martin Giaever
Release 03 December 2014
Henrik Persson
Country Sweden
Producer -
Similar artists ---

This second effort of Sweden's metallers Arsenite shows a band with a fixed course. Its thrash metal belongs to the vein of a traditional direction, which has less significant brutality involved than what a lot of today's bands in this type of music have, as far as I'm concerned. The band tries to rely more on a raw appearance and accurate riffing, instead of having a great number of crushing speed monsters, created out of sheer massive force.

With roots therefore naturally hailing from the 80's, Arsenite basically plays a straight line performance from start to finish and I see a disadvantage in the fact that most songs are pretty much equally good all throughout the record. There are no real killer songs, but conversely a fairly great share of what's given definitely picks up my attention. This blatant reality however makes the album turn out to something which doesn't have the capacity to advance to a level where I am able to really get run over by the moment, although it undoubtedly maintains in an upright position all along the ride.

The vocal performance is this record's main drawback. It doesn't possess those essential assets of confidence and accuracy, created by energy and strength, which are core factors to have a better conception in the first place. The overall audio isn't what I would call state of the art either, but at the same time I also have to admit that this element makes it sound a little more authentic and not just something that is brought forward to come out as a quickly selling product which rapidly fades away after a while. In spite of my somewhat negative words, this effort is nevertheless a fairly good record with a tendency to go forward.








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