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Anvil - Anvil Is Anvil

Published February 21 2016

=Staff's pick

Daggers And Rum*
Up Down Sideways
Gun Control
Die For A Lie
Runaway Train*
Zombie Apocalypse
It's Your Move
Fire On The Highway*
Run Like Hell*
Forgive Don't Forget
Never Going To Stop (Bonus track)

Genre Heavy Metal
Steve "Lips" Kudlow
Tracks 12
Steve "Lips" Kudlow
Running time 45 Min.
Label Steamhammer/SPV
"Christ" Robertson
Release February 26, 2016
Robb Reiner
Country Canada
Producer Martin Pfeiffer/Anvil
Similar artists ---

Canadian long-running outfit Anvil is certainly a band that to the inner core lives and salutes heavy metal. This sacrificing way of life is regrettably to some extent pointless, because first and foremost if you don't have a really naturally skilled songwriter, who strongly contributes to a band's efforts, the records can't break through the barriers and become great accomplishments and this record comes out pretty much as bland as their last album Hope In Hell.

Just like its predecessor it contains just a few songs that I only partially enjoy. The album absolutely has a few massive riffs, kind of nice licks now and then and also a heavy appearance all the way to the end, but the big problem is the obvious lack of a really genuine swing in most of the songs. The guys can undisputedly play their heavy metal with heart, soul and determination, but making records is indeed a tall task and Anvil is unable to attain a certain amount of captivating creativity to really find a way to convert.

The vocal performance from Lips doesn't have the capacity to intensify this record either, because he frankly doesn't possess a beautiful and enchanting voice in any way. When looking at the overall picture of this effort from this hard working band, I never find myself eager to listen repeatedly to it when I have reached the final seconds. Almost at no occasion I become really attentive and most of the music just leaves me rather unconcerned and to me personally these types of feelings never speak in favor of a record.

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