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Agnostic Front - Another Voice

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Still Here
All Is Not Forgotten
Fall Of The Parasite
Pride, Faith, Respect
So Pure To Me*
Take me Back*
Hardcore! (The Definition)
Casualty Of The Times*
No One Hears You
I Live It
It's For Life
Another Voice

Genre Hardcore
Roger Miret
Tracks 14
Vinnie Stigma
Runningtime 28 Min.
Lenny DiSclafani
Label Nuclear Blast
Mike Gallo
Release 22 Nov. 2004
Steve Gallo
Country USA
Similar artists Bio-Hazard, Pro-Pain

Agnostic Front is a long running act that has been around for over twenty years and outlived most of the others in this genre. But somehow they have succeed to avoid my attention until now. Another Voice is a vital album that practically oozes of intensity, anger and attitude combined with well played metal.

If anyone says old-school hardcore, this is exactly what springs to mind and how I expect it to sound. And Agnostic Front possesses all the stuff that makes me like this kind of music. It is with a punk attitude clashing against thrash metal the hardcore comes out, and with classic anthem hardcore refrains where the whole crew is backing up. Guitarists Vinnie and Lenny bring on some thrash riffing to carry the music forward, and the great playing from the boys creates a flow in a musical style that otherwise can be chugging its way forward, and combined with some crispy leads and melodic harmonies they are taking a front position amongst my favourite hardcore bands, even if they are few I have to admit.

This is real, this is pure, I couldn't have said it better myself than what Roger Miret so convincingly proclaims in the track Take Me Back. And it feels like this is for real, and that they really are hardcore to the bone. So start up the mosh pit and begin the slam dance, because this seriously gets your adrenaline flowing. It is a head on charge that Agnostic Front slams you against the wall with, but if you want to complain, there are a few things to point out as well. For example that they aren't exactly innovating anything new with this album. They might have been earlier on in their career, considering how long they have lasted, but not on this one.

This is where punk meets thrash, this is New York hardcore, and this is the real deal, at least that is how I feel about Another Voice from Agnostic Front.

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6 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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