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Steel Panther - All You Can Eat

Published March 25 2014

=Staff's pick

Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
Bukkake Tears
Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
Ten Strikes You're Out
The Burden Of Being Wonderful
Fucking My Heart In The Ass
You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk
If I Was The King*
She's On The Rag*

Genre Glam Metal
Michael Starr
Tracks 12
Running time 49 Min.
Label Open E Records/Kobalt Music
Lexxi Foxx
Release 01 April 2014
Stix Zadinia
Country USA
Producer Jay Ruston
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With lyrics that gets the stiff, the faint-hearted and the saviors of morality into a state of shock, Steel Panther creates deep canyons to the common norms. You just have to realize that this ensemble delivers about half of nasty and scandalous lyrics about sex and such activities and an equal part of mainly glam rock and metal. If we are to believe themselves, these profane words are dead certain, even though their audience, including myself, see it as out of this world and just as funny words.

Many see this as degrading to women etc, but I think those people maybe should see the other side of the coin and see the humor in it instead. Everything in life doesn't have to be in all seriousness, which these Americans gladly expresses through their music. It's nothing I would recommend playing at max volume at home before conservative parents though, if you're not making an attempt to break loose, that is.

The music itself is based on the 80's glam metal scene, but it absolutely feels up-to-date and fresh. It contains mainly catchy mid-tempo songs, some occasional ballads and also a few faster achievements. The songs may be perceived as a little repetitive, but still I dig most of them nevertheless. The guys play consistently good, although the music isn't made to flaunt, since focus definitely is upon creating catchy melodies that people can remotely relate to. Starr's voice works fine. He holds a typical glam tone where full power rarely exercises, but for this type of music, he is doing well.

Certainly it's like writing the same book twice or even thrice for that matter, but I have no doubt whatsoever that fans to Steel Panther will dig this one. It follows their set tracks and it's a natural step from their previous works. No solid rocks are moved, neither is there any new ground broken. This is Steel Panther to one hundred percent and there never was any intention to do something different. It's entertainment if you're into juvenile shit. If you're not, it's still entertaining.

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