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Black Star Riders - All Hell Breaks Loose

Published May 21 2013

=Staff's pick

All Hell Breaks Loose
Bound For Glory*
Kingdom Of The Lost
Kissin' The Ground
Hey Judas
Hoodoo Voodoo
Valley Of The Stones*
Someday Salvation
Before The War*
Blues Ain't So Bad

Genre Hard Rock
Ricky Warwick
Tracks 11
Scott Gorham
Running time 46 Min.
Damon Johnson
Label Nuclear Blast
Marco Mendoza
Release 22 May 2013
Jimmy DeGrasso
Country USA/UK
Producer Kevin Shirley
Similar artists Thin Lizzy

Initially this album was supposed to be released as Thin Lizzy, but praise the Lord, eventually it wasn't. Guitarplayer Scott Gorham and his crew finally decided to release their new music under a different moniker, although legal issues probably was the definitive cause for this matter.

With members of the latest reincarnation of Thin Lizzy, it comes as no surprise that this effort contains a lot of stuff resemblant to the legacy of Phil Lynott. With Ricky Warwick behind the mic and in a few vocal melodies I hear parts of his former band The Almighty as well. Add a good portion of bluesy hard rock, neat guitar playing and a traditional rock groove and there you have Black Star Riders' new release. The production from Kevin Shirley, whose efforts I haven't always appreciated, is highly appropriate on this record, as he's making it feel new and up to date with an older sound.

What about the songs' strength? Well, there are many ups and some downs. The first single off this release, Bound For Glory, sounded plain and goofy at first, but after a few spins it rocks big time. As goes for Bloodshot with its push forward expressions and drive, and also the captivating tracks like Kingdom Of The Lost, Valley Of The Stones and Before The War. The only track I really can't stand is Someday Salvation, with its lively and dorky appearance and it should have totally been sorted out before the recordings.

Many fans of these guys will certainly take this album to their hearts and souls, if they give it a few spins. I will see this band on stage in a few weeks and I certainly hope they will play a lot of songs from this release, instead on relying on the old Thin Lizzy stuff too much. 7 chalices to All Hell Breaks Loose and hopefully a huge goodbye and farewell to a band name that should have been buried with their leader for nearly three decades ago.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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