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All Ends - All Ends

Published February 17 2008

=Staff's pick

Still Believe*
Walk Away
Wasting Life
First Time
I'm Sorry
Pretty Words
Spend My Days
Just A Friend*
Close My Eyes*
We Are Trough
Ready To Go Back

Genre Radio Metal
E. Gelotte/T. Karlsdotter
Tracks 12
Fredrik Johansson
Runningtime 39 Min.
Peter Mårdklint
Label GUN Records
Release 11 Nov. 2007
Joseph Skansås
Country Sweden
Similar artists ---

All ends. Relationships are certainly no exception. This particular subject is the general theme of All End's self-titled debut album, every song coloured by lines like "I never meant the words I said" and "Feelings of love became feelings of hate". Not exactly that much metal, is it? But then again, All Ends is not your average metal band. Tinna Karlsdotter and Emma Gelotte share the microphone on all twelve songs, written by Emma's brother Björn and Jesper Strömblad, also the song writers in a little band called In Flames. The result is a very polished album with no rough edges, which means that the sound is probably best classified as "radio metal".

The start is strong and promising, songs like Still Believe and the single Wasting Life containing nice hooks and a pleasant groove. But somewhere along the way, about five songs into the album, I start losing my interest due to the lack of fresh and challenging ideas. There is also a distinct dip of quality in the middle of the album, but in the eleventh hour the band picks up the promising thread that they started out with and begin delivering some really solid material again. My favourite song is the compulsory ballad track, Just A Friend. It begins softly with piano and vocals that could have come from the latest Evanescence-album, but then grows into something that is more related to the In Flames-song Come Clarity. I almost wish that Jesper and Björn would have saved this one to their own upcoming album A Sense Of Purpose - it's that good.

All Ends is a promising project that doesn't quite convince on all levels on the debut album. On the possible follow-up I hope that Tinna and Emma have toughened up a bit, and that the whole band has developed as well. Here almost half the tracks don't even clock in at over three minutes, something that has "pop" written all over it. But as I said, All Ends is not your average metal band.








6 chalices of 10 - Niklas

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