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Kingdom Come - Ain't Crying For The Moon

=Staff's pick

Two Legged Sheep
Not Here To Be Your Friend*
Same Old Stars*
Ain't Crying For The Moon
Perfect Citizen
This Is My Life
Bon Scott*
Removed The Sting
Friends In Spirit*
Look At You
Across The Universe
Get It On (2006 version)

Genre Hard Rock
Lenny Wolf
Tracks 13
Lenny Wolf
Runningtime 63 Min.
Label Frontiers Records
Lenny Wolf
Release 20 Oct. 2006
Lenny Wolf
Country Germany/USA
Lenny Wolf
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Kingdom Come, old time favourites of mine, is back with a new album. Their first three albums s/t, In Your Face and Hands Of Time is nothing less than true classics in my book. The very heavy bashing they got back then for being a Led Zeppeling clone didn't mind me at all back then and still doesn't do since I couldn't care less about Zep. I've never managed to get into their music. Based on that I'm always curious to hear a new album by them even though the latest releases haven't been anything to write home about. This time around mr Lenny Wolf have said that it's "time to take out the axe again and rock the house". According to him this is one of his heaviest recordings. Is it heavy then? Yes it is.

Actually some songs are really heavy like Not Here To Be Your Friend which in my opinion is the heaviest song Kingdom Come have ever recorded. Most of the songs feels like they are heavy just for the sake of being heavy. They're lacking good choruses and just goes on the same way. One or two of those songs can be very good but when you're listening to an entire album all songs tend to blend together and when you're finished listening you hardly remember any song at all.

On the other hand there's the close to nine minutes long titletrack that makes me fall asleep. It's nine minutes of total boredom and the rerecording of the classic Get It On is just totally pointless. Does is sound like Kingdom Come? Yes it certainly does. Some songs reminds of the old good days, especially the tribute to the late AC/DC singer Bon Scott simply titled "Bon Scott", but unfortunately most of the time it sounds like the new Kingdom Come that I don't like. If all songs was as good as the one's I picked out this album would have been really great.

Kingdom Come nowadays is Lenny Wolf and no one else. He play all instruments on the album save for a couple of guitar solos, wrote all songs (as far as I know since there are no credits for that on the promo) and produced the disc too. The production is good but for the next album it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring in another producer. It would be a good thing to get a second opinion on the ideas and maybe then we can have a great album close the the classics.

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5,5 chalices of 10 - Mattias

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