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Faith Factor - Against A Darkened Sky

Published January 23 2009

=Staff's pick

Evila Si Eh
Keep It True*
The Rapture
In God's Shadow*
In Rememberance
Light Replaces Darknes
Armor Of God
Divine Temptations*
Ascend Unto Heaven*
Sinner's Prayer

Genre Traditional Metal
Norm "Ski" Kiersnowski
Tracks 10
Blaine Booth
Runningtime 54 Min.
Chris Matusieski
Label Retroactive Records
Joe Manghan
Release 08 November 2008
Dan Jefferson
Country USA
Chris Matusieski
Similar artists Rob Rock, Jag Panzer, Cage

Faith Factor are another new Christian band, who play Traditional Metal in the vein of Jag Panzer, Cage, Liege Lord, Seven Witches, Solitude Aeturnus, Omen, & Queensrÿche. They assembled under the wholly guidance of former Deadly Blessing sacred screamer Ski.

In an attempt to deliver themselves from the clutches of evil - where light replaces darkness - they have aptly produced true '80s Metal, with a sincere dedication; allowing for no modern influences to besmirch their integrity.

The opening song 'Keep it True' is a forthright homage to all the real Metal bands who have motivated them, and made them who they are. They are also very inspired by the life of Jesus Christ. In God's shadow, thus, do they carry out their holy, heavenly crusade, donning the armour of God, on a metal mission.

As much as I celebrate the music and varied metal projects which Rob Rock creates, I am becoming increasingly agitated by his Christianized lyrical thrust; especially, on the new (Project) Driver. The same goes for any band who are more about the message, than the music. As much as a I loved the most recent Megadeth, Mustain's personal opinions piss me off!

I have always supported Classic Christian Metal, because the music for the most part is memorable, and enjoyable. I do not, however, buy into the bullshit beliefs. I still champion acts like Tourniquet, Barren Cross, Deliverance, Sacred Warrior, and their ilk, for following their hearts, and writing some amazing albums. I have twice honoured the rapturous speed metal works of Temple Of Blood. I am very excited about hearing the new Stryper. Therefore, I respect Faith Factor for what they endeavour, and for that which they have achieved.

As far as the music is concerned, the fear of Faith Factor is elucidated by quality musicianship, structured song compositions, excellent guitar harmonies; and piercing vocals. Ski is like a shrill slide rule between Sean Peck Of Cage and Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin. Most songs are mid-paced, but with enough thrust, and alacrity to inspire the '80s Metal Spirit, alive in us all, who keep it true.

Some songs which deserve attention include 'In God's Shadow', and the rapacious 'Divine Temptations'. This song is resplendent with a dominion of accolades and accord, illustrating the myth of how Christ was tempted by Satan in the desert; but ultimately prevailed, thus validating his divinity. 'Armor Of God' with it's Ephesian Ch. 6 call to arms, has a real Armored Saint meets the streets, Lethal tendenancy. 'In Rememberance' is a bit too long, and struggles desperately to imitate Maiden, with no lasting effects. 'Ascend Unto Heaven' is like the keeper of the seven keys, expounding wisdom and wonder.

After the surmounting episodic 'Ascend Unto Heaven' reaches its penultimate conclusion, the CD abates with an annoying compunctive prayer coda. I understand, and appreciate the band's intention, as they feel they must "save" your soul, from impending damnation. The truth be told, we don't own our souls, it is eternal; consequently, it does not need to be saved from, or by anything. In his present circumstances, the individual can experience true ever growing honesty, awareness, integrity, responsibility.

The true essence of soteriology is all about giving ourselves back to each other through forgiveness, charity, kindness, and service. The Greek word 'Soter" from which the term "savior" is derived, actually means "healer" - or, one who helps one to remember whom he truly is. This is the title by which philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates were recognized.

The very concept of sin, implies separation and insanity. We are all one - human beings who share the same essence of inner peace - and bleed the same blood. Righteous, limited beliefs like the ones the lyrics here propose, are the very inane concepts which keep us from experiencing the joy of love, and freedom of being. Does not scripture clarify that The Kingdom Of God is in us all!

Thankfully, a song like 'Keep It True' unites us a authentic mettle hearts, joined together to spread global metal vibes everywhere. Metal is an honest way to create happiness, interdependence, and an everlasting love of life.








7 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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