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Ignite - A War Against You

Published January 03 2016

=Staff's pick

Begin Again*
Nothing Can Stop Me
This Is A War
Oh No Not Again
You Saved Me*
Rise Up
Where I'm From*
The Suffering*
How Is This Progress?
You Lie
Where I'm From (Alternate version)

Genre Melodic Hardcore
Zoli Téglás
Tracks 14
Brian Balchack
Running time 45 Min.
Kevin Kilkenny
Label Century Media
Brett Rasmussen
Release January 08, 2016
Craig Anderson
Country USA
Producer Cameron Webb
Similar artists Social Distortion, Bad Religion

(I really don't know in which language the bonus track and second version of Where I'm From is sung in, but my best guess would be in Magyar/Hungarian due to the lead vocalist Zoli Téglás' background. It's also not a separate track by definition, as it, after a gap of 14 seconds, succeeds the song Work.)

After being separated for quite some time and having played with a bunch of different bands, the members of Ignite are now back in business and up and running again with a new album, almost 10 years past their latest release, Our Darkest Days. This unit today chiefly brings forth some kind of mixture of a lighter or melodic version of hardcore, modern punk and even some nuances of heavy metal, yet with strong emphasis on the two first categories mentioned.

The songs on A War Against You are mainly quite easily absorbed. The album is basically stuffed with diligent and scraping riffing and the lion's share of the songs indeed has a nice flow with plenty of handsome melodies, memorable moments and truthfully just a lot of catchy stuff that hits you right from the start. The band incorporates an "us/we against everybody else" feeling and deals with today's society, as well as the world's current problematic situation and Zoli Téglás comes out with a rather convincing attitude in terms of lyrical contents.

Great variation isn't the band's primary target. Even if I hear differences between the individual tracks of course and although they drop a pair of songs with kind of a light expression, they undoubtedly follow a typical line almost all throughout the 45 minutes. It to some extent actually makes me feel a little bit saturated occasionally, even though I clearly have to point out that I absolutely think that this release is a good piece of music in total and honestly I haven't listened to it well over 20 times with just the goal to torment myself to depression. In the end, it's really a valid comeback of one of this genre's greatest acts.








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