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Katagory V - A New Breed Of Rebellion

=Staff's pick

Sands Of Time
Turn To Grey*
No Response*
A New Breed Of Rebellion
A Peaceful Act Of Terrorism*
Your Dreams
In Dark Night
One Last Time

Genre Progressive Heavy Metal
Lynn Allers
Tracks 9
Chris Morrell
Runningtime 51 Min.
Trevor Asire
Label MetalAges Records
Dustin Mitchell
Release 27 Jan. 2004
Matt Suiter
Country USA
Similar artists Fates Warning, Queensrÿche, Nevermore

Katagory V from Utah is a new acquaintance for me and I found them to sound very close to an older version of Fates Warning. Musically this goes under what the Americans would call power metal, as that genre isn't exactly the same there as it is in Europe. Progressive heavy metal with thrash as a just an important ingredient as the melodic and progressive elements, and Katagory V has the skills to make this sound good.

The music can go from calmer parts of Fates Warning and to then burst out in to more thrashier parts reminding of Nevermore, not just as melancholic though. Katagory V provides progressive and chugging music contra softer and calmer parts and it offers a real challenge for your ear, and if you are up for it you will find that this is a really great album. Complex songs and progressive structures, much as on Fates Warnings album Perfect Symmetry (1989), but they are not trying to copy or steal, they are just very close.

The comparison to the early sound of Queensrÿche is also something that I cant avoid, especially when Lynn Allers voice close in to the high-pitches resembling those of Geoff Tate. In the track Your Dreams it is almost a copy, otherwise it is more Ray Alder from Fates Warning that is a close match, although a bit rougher around the edges and not as powerful, but still very good though. It sometimes scares me with how close to Alder he sounds.

The production leaves you with much to wish for, it actually sounds as it is recorded in a basement with crappy equipment and it steals much of the attention. A fat sounding production and a better producer would have made this sound great, Katagory V in the hands of Terry Brown that does Fates Warning would have been splendid. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the song material that Katagory V has to offer, great progressive metal without making it to complicated.






7 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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