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Tankard - A Girl Called Cerveza

Published August 02 2012

=Staff's pick

Rapid Fire (A Tyrant's Elegy)
A Girl Called Cerveza*
Witchhunt 2.0
Masters Of Farces
The Metal Lady Boy (feat. Doro)
Not One Day Dead (But One Day Mad)
Son Of A Fridge*
Fandom At Random
Metal Magnolia
Running On Fumes*

Genre Thrash Metal
Andreas Geremia
Tracks 10
Andreas Gutjahr
Running time 50 Min.
Label Nuclear Blast
Frank Thorwarth
Release 27 July 2012
Olaf Zissel
Country Germany
Producer Michael Mainx
Similar artists ---

Pure German thrash metal with lyrics about alcohol, so nothing has changed on that matter. The veterans still creates music as a homage mostly to beer and why would they change? Many critics and listeners would totally destroy them if they would, so it's better to run safe. When now releasing their fifteenth album in twenty-six years, they have been productive and with their recipe to songwriting, I guess they already have a couple of ideas to their next release as well.

A Girl Called Cerveza picks up where they left their last album, Vol(l)ume 14. It's thrash without new orientations. Diversity isn't what this release is about, as they thrash through all songs with their own speed, style and direction. When I skip through the tracks or push fast forward, it's striking and interesting to listen to how similar many songs are to each other. The lyrics are something worth listening to, as they are kind of amusing, yet a bit childish. But what the hell, they are Germans and the lyrics aren't supposed to be nominated for the world's greatest.

A guest appearance by German metal queen Doro Pesch is featured in The Metal Lady Boy. I must say that she leaves no positive marks and she's a better singer when it comes to straight heavy metal, as her contribution actually doesn't sound especially flattering. The song is a bad fit and I would suggest her to stay with her own genre. The coolness of having her on a Tankard album is however nothing that washes away easily.

This is Tankard and you know you will get a solid album. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing extraordinary, just straightforward thrash. If you're a fan of the band, don't hesitate to purchase this album, as you won't be disappointed.

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6 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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