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Lost Horizon - A Flame To The Ground Beneath

=Staff's pick

Transdimensional Revelation (intro)
Lost In The Depths Of Me*
Again Will The Fire Burn
The Song Of Earth
Cry Of A Restless Soul*
Think Not Forever
Highlander (The One)*

Genre Heavy Metal
Daniel Heiman
Tracks 9
Wojtek Lisicki
Runningtime 53 Min.
Label Virgin Records
Martin Furängen
Release 10 Feb. 2003
Christian Nyquist
Country Sweden
Wojtek Lisicki
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Yes! Finally! The true metalwarriors of Swedish Lost Horizon have released their second studioalbum A Flame to the Ground Beneath and expanded the band with two new members (Protector and Epicurius). My expectations were very high this time considering their remarkable debut Awakening the World and I'm overthrilled to announce that all wishes have been fulfilled. I can tell you as much already because with this second installment the band really fortifies it's position in the absolute elite of the scene and it's pure world class metal we're up against here people.

The album only contains a total number of six "real" songs out of the nine tracks, but don't let this discourage you in any way. Without compromises regarding pace and heavyness Lost Horizon have done some considerable maturing as a band and this time developed their compositions and taken their unique musical direction one step further. On Awakening the World they had already proved that their musical skills and talents were something out of the ordinary, but this is almost beyond comprehension.

Fans will absolutely recognize their favourites as the unmistakable sound and excellent vocals remain but the compositions are another matter. The tracks are longer, more melodic and above all- even better. Awesome intro's, killer choruses, mesmerizing rhythms and melodies that I've tried desperately to remove from the very core of my cranium since the first rotation are what you're being served.

The tones, chords, riffs and song sections succeed one another in an almost merciless way and give the songs an awesome flow and although there are many different melodious killer installments, it doesn't ever get the slightest overdone or too complicated. The melodies in both the vocal and instrumental parts are something almost out of this world and a quote from the band's official homepage sums up things and says about all you really need to know: "Nine magical tracks... A me(n)tal voyage beyond doctrinal bounds- once again".

With a great production and these brilliant fittings A Flame to the Ground Beneath is going to be extremely difficult for any band to surpass or even come on equal level with. Lost Horizon should be checked out by anyone who considers him- or herself a fan of metal no matter your preferable direction. This is 100% true melodic power metal and definitely what the real deal is all about.

I normally don't go around accusing people of being complete and utter fools, but this time I will do exactly that ladies and gentlemen. Because that is exactly what you are if you don't pay Lost Horizon some attention right this minute. No matter if it's Awakening the World or A Flame to the Ground Beneath you'll end up with, you'll also find that The Swedish Steel bites with razor sharpness and it's your turn to be touched by it.

Long live the Metal Salvation!

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9,5 chalices of 10 - Mat

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