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It Will Come - 47

=Staff's pick

Deeper Into Nothing
Mute Witnesses*

Genre Doom Metal
Louise Halldin
Tracks 3
Alexander Wik Fridén
Runningtime 26 Min.
Jonas Jörgensen
Louise Halldin
Release June 2005
Christian Martinsson
Country Sweden
Similar artists ---

Always loved female vocals but thought that the genre it often appears in usually is a bit, well how to say, dramatic and over ambitious? Well, this one maybe is the one to look for. It Will Come hails from Gothenburg, Sweden, and play quite soft doom metal. Since the start back in 2003 the band have recorded two promo cd´s. The first one, Bound (2004) gave the band chance to do several live appearances and due to the band themselves it has been a massive activity in downloading their music.

47 is the title of the 2005 year's promo from It Will Come and it feels really like the band has taken it all a step further. This is true doom metal, perhaps not the darkest I've heard but it has something very own and interesting. The three songs that appear on 47 are all very slow, of course. The songs seems to be very well arranged as they all have a flow that make it all feel very natural and in a way primitive. The best example must be on the last track Sickness, where the mid tempo goes on and on in very different shapes and arrangements and suddenly there is this great acoustic guitar part that leads to a simple but well fitted guitar solo. Always with the very near presence of Louise Halldins mighty but still a bit fragile and clean vocals which sort of leads the music in a way that's very positive.

47 are well worth to check out if you are interested in slow and melancholy metal or if you just want to enjoy some real plain and simple doom metal without any elements from other genres. I got a very positive reaction from this one, I must say. One tiny bit of criticism is that the production on the songs is a bit weak, I think. A heavier production would have fitted the material better I guess.






7 chalices of 10 - Tim

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