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Grindnecks - 460 From Hell

=Staff's pick

Dead By Dawn*
Messenger Of Death*
A Devils Deal*

Genre Death Metal
Tracks 4
Runningtime 12Min.
Release July 2005
Country Sweden
Similar artists The Crown

Looking for some ass kicking death/thrash metal? Perhaps you are tired of melodic jamming that seems to go on without any reason or sense? An injection filled with death/thrash vitamines from Gothenburg's Grindnecks are perhaps just the things you need in the approaching autumnal darkness.

Last year we received Grindnecks self-released demo called Terror Rising and I recall that it was a quite good portion of metal in various shapes. Modern death/thrash with a touch of grind, noise and punk. Well, take The Crown, add some Motörhead and mix it with any grind release from Relapse Records that pleases you the most. After some mixing you'll get the finest blended taste that can be spelled as Grindnecks. Well, the guys in Grindnecks wont break the fine tradition to send us their material. That's why we have received their latest creation in the shape of 460 From Hell. This one are recorded and produced at the Evil Grill Studio by Christer Lindbladh. The reaction on the Terror Rising demo was great and it seems that Grindnecks won't displease us this time either. The best way to do this, I guess, must be to keep the boat floating in the right direction. And they surely do.

After some listening to 460 From Hell it's quite obvious that they had added even more aggression and - how to say it - it's very straightforward, so to speak but without leaving the catchy rock`n´roll vibes that really exist somewhere down under the meltdown. Just listen to the eminent A Devils Deal, for example. Good vocals from Jocke´s soared throat and great arrangements with levels set at constant attack mode. I would say that 460 From Hell is a true pleasure for everyone who is into the blending of death and thrash metal. They do it their style, often with finesse and class. Ambitious but in some way I get the feeling that these guys honestly are having the time of their lives when playing. So its ambitious in a positive way, very laid back but still focused. 460 From Hell is twelve minutes of raising hell in the battlefield where metal confronts grind.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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