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Save The Dragons

Written by Thomas, September 2005

his must come to a stop, the pointless slaying of dragons. Soon these wonderful and magic creatures will reach a point of extinction just like the dinosaurs, and I hold the powermetallians and their fetishism for dragons to blame. Well, I don't know who started it all but Beowulf was at it quite early, but if we look at it more recently I have seen footage of Ronnie James Dio travelling around the world in the eighties with a dragon just like a god damn freak circus. Every night this dragon was brought on stage to engage in a fight with this evil little man, (yes evil, he invented the universal sign of heavy metal with the raising of the horns on the fist, I mean, seriously, he has got to be a Satanist as well as a sadistic animal tormentor) and you could only guess the outcome of these battles. The dragon was slaughtered on a daily basis, where were the animal activists proclaiming animal rights then?

nd this tormenting has continued, endless times we have heard metal bands bragging about their battles and victories against these innocent creatures. Italian band Rhapsody must solely have been killing half of what dragons there are left while Dream Evil that even named and album Dragonslayer stands for a high number of kills as well, and there are many others, believe me. Now tell me what have these animals ever done to deserve such treatment? Guarding a chest of gold, is that reason enough to be killed by greedy metal heads? Spitting fire or the ability to fly, isn't that skills we should encourage and perhaps learn from instead by being intimidated by? Keeping princesses under lock and key in the tallest tower in a country far far away, who can blame them, who wants to let go of beauty when you've found it?

ragons has by modern society been painted out as fierce and hostile creatures but I say it is time we change that picture and start embracing these lovely reptiles. We all live under the same sun and all of the earth's species should live in harmony with the nature and respect each other. Except for spiders, I hate spiders, why can't they change direction and start to slay spiders instead?

n a more serious note, some short facts about dragons:

  • Dragon comes from the Greek word drakon meaning snake.
  • In western civilization the dragon is a fabulous beast and the bigger and more fierce it was the greater was the courage and heroism from the knight who slain it. It is also pointed out in the bible as a symbol of evil.
  • By Chinese tradition the dragon is surrounded by cult as with its help man wants to control water and protect oneself from evil spirits. It is also a symbol for fertility.

Thomas - September 2005