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Lamb Of God - Sacrament CD Pre-listening

Written by MettleAngel, June 2006

Dennis from Epic Records and Maria from Metal Blade formally invited Wendy and I to atttend the "Unholly Alliance" vigil early Monday afternoon June 19th, so that we should be laid 2 rest with 5 purified Lamb of God fans and get a taste of the new sour and blessed "Sacrament". Agnus Dei et Corpus Christi, this unholy communion of pariah poised with terror and hubris shattered the hourglass of the black label as the disc began to spin in a classic '80s style maroon pop-up boombox.

For those unfamiliar with this American Epic death thrash metal might of misery and ruin from Richmond, Virginia; Lamb of God, formerly known as Burn the Priest, began back in 1990 when Mark Morton, Chris Adler, and John Campbell met at Virginia University and decided to form a band upon graduation. Shortly thereafter, Randy Blythe joined as their vockillust and Chris' brother Will joined as their second guitarist. Their initial release "New American Gospel" did quite well in 2000, by 2003 they were one of America's top metal acts, being asked to co-headline the very first "Headbangers Ball Tour". They completed their opus "Ashes of the Wake" in only five months after successfully playing the "Ozzfest Tour". Now they prepare to release upon us their second epic bloodletting guaranteed to cross the faded line and subtle arts of murder and persuasion giving fans something to die for. Only three tracks were played for those in attendance, and each track was only given a working title.

1. Redneck
This burner is your typical Lamb Of God brutal barrage of carnage and chaos, Randy's vocals evoke classic Phil Anselmo psycho holiday screams matched with intense furious riffing. This song is being debuted live during the "Unholy Alliance Tour".

2. Forgotten
This track really did burn it down to the ground, reminding me of the intense thrash riffing which is quite prevelant on "Ashes of the Wake". I've been told on the new album, lyrically, there was going to be less political controversy and more inter-personal content.

3. Foot To the Throat
Now we're talking! As I detected old school Sepultura "Beneath The Remains" guitar twin harmonies and Max Calvalera style sepulchral arrangements. Although, when the band asked me what I thought of this track, and I said it sounded like Sepultura, they seemed surprised and flattered at the same time.

After the conclusion of the sacramental whine and tease, the redneck gospel writers; Mark, John, and the rest of the fallen gyros entered the room as John proclaimed "Is this the best bunch of good looking chics you could find?" Randy was suffering from a wounded ankle, so he had been getting around on a bike to ease the pressure and strain. The five male fans whom had been selected, had travelled many miles to attend this momentous occassion coming from Indiana, Tennessee, and northern Ohio, just to witness and hear the Lamb's latest offering. Apparently they had been selected out of the crowd, because they were all wearing Lamb Of God t-shirts and carrying the "Revolver" magazine with it's definitive article covering the "Unholy Alliance Tour". They were briefly allowed to ask the band a few questions the most common being how they tune their guitars while playing live, and the common answer was "drop D". I asked Randy a simple question about the meaning of the song "Omerta" and he responded that's it's a mafia term referring to the code of silence, keep it in the family - what's in the family stays in the family - motif, as one remains responsible for his own actions. Then he assured me he has no mafia connections.

Wendy & I highly recommend, that if you are not too familiar with this band to check out the "Killadelphia" DVD which we watched while typing up this review. It is an honest, sincere account of the bands' struggle to remain friends and family while on the "Ashes of the Wake" tour. Randy is the quintessential demonstration of what I've become and I want his "The Accused" shirt which he wore in Glasgow! Win or die, brothers to the end, we await the baptismal confirmation of this Sacrament's advent in August with reconciliation, unholy order and extreme unction. The meaningful marriage of metal and madness.


MettleAngel - June 2006